Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where is Hector Balderas When You Need Him?

Hector Balderas is the New Mexico State Auditor.

Having gotten wind of a $750K fraud in the administration
of the Santa Fe Public Schools; he has begun an audit
that will "begin broad, and then drill down"
to the individual who allegedly stole the money.

Stakeholders and voters in Santa Fe will find out
how the system allowed somebody to walk off
with $750,000, without someone noticing.

In stark contrast;

when the leadership of the APS investigated itself;
in the Peanut Butter Gate Scandal,

they were happy to come to the conclusion that
Gil Lovato's name, would be the only name,
that would be placed on the public record of the corruption.

Kind of like Elsy Fierro's name was the only name
put on the record in the Grade Gate Scandal.

Well OK, exactly like that.

Not one name in the leadership of the APS
has been placed on the public record
for their criminal involvement in Peanut Butter Gate.*

No senior administrator or board member' name
is on the record for having enabled public corruption
and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS
(police department) to remain secret from stakeholders.

APS Board of Education President, Paula Maes
is on the record saying that; she will not allow an audit
that will enable individual administrators
"... like for example, Tom Savage ..."
to be held individually accountable for their conduct and
competence as public servants.

Balderas is going to go into the Santa Fe Public Schools
to kick ass and take names,

because of credible evidence of a fraud of a mere $750K.

There is credible evidence that suggests that
the Paula Maes/APS/Modrall fraud against tax payers
nets them that much in a bad year.

(The actual financial records and litigation history of the APS/Modrall remains secret to this day, even in defiance of public records requests filed under the NMIPRA.)

For example;

I was paid $25K, give or take, by APS/Modrall
not to take evidence of felony criminal misconduct by
APS senior administrators
Richard Cangiolosi and
Michael Vigil, to police.
(Yes, that Michael Vigil, the aggravated drunk driver that the leadership of the APS gave $200K, give or take, to allow himself to be fired without embarrassing the leadership of the APS in court. see link, or search my site for "body maps" for additional posts)

Now if APS/Modrall gave even 30 other people $25K,

to purchase immunity from criminal prosecution,

for members of the leadership of the APS and Modrall;

that's $750K in public fraud right there alone.

Spend a little time on whistle blower Joseph Lopez' site,
and you will find more credible evidence against APS/Modrall
than you can shake a stick at; including a covered up fraud
at the APS Charter Vocational High School of
over a million tax dollars.

Joseph, in his soul, is professional law enforcement.
He knows the law.

Perhaps not well enough to beat APS/Modrall in court,

but well enough to put together enough credible evidence
for any competent prosecutor to put together
a slam dunk case against APS/Maes/Modrall.

There is probable cause to conduct a criminal investigation
and forensic audit of the administration of the APS/Modrall.

Which brings me back to my title question;

Where is Hector Balderas when you need him?

*through the corruption and/or incompetence of
Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg
Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White

and of course,
Thomas Lang, Kent Walz, Phill Casaus,
Michelle Donaldson, Thomas Pearl, and Sue Stephens.

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Anonymous said...

I am proposing that when Mr. Hector Balderas goes fishing, he likes an easy catch and for that catch to show that he's a capable fisherman. I also propoe that Hector runs his investigations and audits the same way... going to Santa Fe for $750K kind of makes him look like he's doing his job?
I also propose that the culprit of that particular crime definetly doesn't have Modrall and Co backing him. Perhaps the culprit has many other political enemies, or is an easy catch (unlike APS/Modrall).
There's different types of corruption out there. I propose that being lazy, looking the other way, and only going after "easy catches" is a type of corruption. I hope anyone reading will agree.
--AN APS Instructor