Sunday, February 10, 2008

FBI to Investigate Criminal Misconduct by APS Senior Administrators, Board Members, and Modrall?

It is difficult, to say the least,
to get local authorities to pay any attention to allegations
of criminal misconduct by the leadership of the APS.

Perhaps, Mr. Lopez has found someone in authority
who is not under the influence of Paula Maes and Modrall.

Pray for his success.



Anonymous said...

I, for one, pray for his success!
--An APS teacher

Anonymous said...

Let us hope and pray for the FBI to have the guts to look into this and stand up to Maes/Modrell!

Anonymous said...

The quuestion that will be first asked... does the FBI have jurisdiction to investigate?
Don't mean to be a downer...just a realist.
--An APS Instructor

Joseph Lopez said...

yeah, they will do nothing big anti-climax, I am done fuck every coward who saw evil but didn't act, may you all rot in Hell right next to me, I am joining you pussies, move over.

Ich bin eine pussies