Friday, February 29, 2008

More Weaselry From APS' Rigo Chavez

Rigo Chavez is a public servant. A well paid public servant.

He is also the
Custodian of Public Records for the APS.

As such, there are things he is required to do;
by law.

I filed a request for public records;

which he immediately lost, and did not "find"
until the NMAGO called him on it.

The request was for the fewest number of records possible
in order that an impartial viewer would get a candid,
forthright, and honest understanding of the kind of "law"
being practiced by Paula Maes lawyers against those
who file complaints against APS administrators and board members.

Chavez says that the request is excessively broad.

And that I did not give him "inclusive" dates.

So I will rewrite the request,
he will re-lose the rewritten request,
the NMAGO will re-tell him to look for the request,
he will re-find it,
he (
Modrall) will re-find some legal technicality or loop hole,
and the loop will re-begin again.

Each loop takes a couple of months.

If he ever does produce a copy of a record,
he charges a
1000% mark up for copying each page
in violation of the law, but he gets away with it).

In fairness,
APS may actually be paying some
good ol boy vendor
ten times as much as Kinko's charges for the same copies.

Which is why the NMIPRA in the end, amounts to nothing.
Is is a law written by good ol' boys, that contains rat holes
they can crawl through when they need to.

Stakeholders play on the good ol' boys field,
and the under the good ol' boys rules.

With results as predictable as they are inevitable.

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