Monday, February 25, 2008

Anonymity Serves No Useful Purpose Anymore

We have passed the point in the struggle against corruption
and incompetence, where more examples of corruption and
incompetence need to be exposed "anonymously" by those
who fear retaliation.

Enough corruption and incompetence has been exposed.

We are powerless to do anything about the corruption and
incompetence already know about.

We have passed the point where anyone has anything
to contribute to this fight
without actually showing up somewhere to stand up
for what they believe in.
(for two minutes.*)

*The maximum amount of time that you can exercise
your right to petition your government
should you decide to speak up during the public forum.

It will be off the record, many board members will not
be paying attention, some will not even be in their seats,
and the TV cameras will not be recording in the public
The corrupt and incompetent in the leadership of the APS,

and the corrupt and the incompetent in public service

have nothing to fear from stakeholders who cannot
show their faces in public. There is nothing that can be
throw from at them from anonymity, that will stick.

Those stakeholders who can stand to be seen in public,
and standing up for what they believe in,

should seriously consider participating in an

APS Torches and Pitchforks* Parade
at an APS School Board Meeting,
APS Uptown Administrative (Retirement) Complex
some first or third Wednesday, at 5 pm

*The concept of a vast gathering of the great unwashed
armed with nothing but their courage and their torches
and their pitchforks,
and overthrowing tyrants
will resonate with some, perhaps not with others.

It is imho,

the only manner by which any tyrant
has ever been overthrown.

And it is the only manner in which tyrants will ever be

Tyrants do not hold elections where the fate of their tyranny
is at risk. Do the math.

If you think that Paula Maes, the President of Everything

is going to be overthrown by anything less than hundreds
of stakeholders showing up at a board meeting
to demand her immediate resignation,

I cannot imagine what that manner might be.
I would also beg that you share it with me,
because this whole torches and pitchforks thing

is a bitch to get rolling.

That Maes' cronies in the media won't cover the parade;
is proof that they will do everything they can
to cover Paula Maes' enormous ass,
(metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Tommy Lang, Kent Walz, Michelle Donaldson,
Thomas Pearl, and Sue Stephens


Anonymous said...

I have been a teacher for 9 years. I fought similar situations in another state as a beggining teacher. I had the proof, I had the principles emails in my hands demanding that I deny certain students basic rights, other emails from her saying how her minority group needs to join together and get rid of the rest of the ethnicities in the school (instructors). She yelled at me in front of our superintendent that we should "Cut a couple of the kids open and read their insides to see if she's a liar". I saw her beat a 6th grade special Ed kid with a mop and throw him in the closet and lock it...and their were other witnesses.
I got "let go" as that year ended and she stayed on. The next year she physically and verbally abused and humiliated a student in front of his/her class... then she was put on paid leave, and then transferred to another district.
I was battle-worn before coming to APS some 8 years ago. I started seeing history repaet itself. I just introverted and tried to stay to myself. Tried to tell myself "that's just how thigs are".
I came across your blogsite about a year ago. I tried my best to resist. But I knew you were right. I knew I was right. Someone has to help the kids.
I tried to set some gross injustices right in my own school. I was threatend with write ups, removal, and put on assignments they knew I didn't particularly want... but I still got paid...humiliated, but paid.
And now you ask us to stand up, to stand out, and I can't argue with you. But I also know the realities.. they will "eliminate our positions" in the next year, then suddenly we won't be maketable at any schools no matter how well we're liked or connected. MAybe we'll luck out and get a charter position, but those are rare.
What do we tell our kids and husbands and wives when we don't have APS jobs anymore, and we own a home in town? What do we do if they have a connection and our license in somehow "confused" or jeapordized?
I'm not being a coward, I'm being a realist. Some of these people are like Nazi's. They have us where they want us, they are very powerful, and they lack scruples.
What did good Germans do in the face of Hitler? Join or die was the choice. Some, like the family that hid Anne Frank did the work in the shadows, and some lost their lives for it.
Some of us don;t give a damn...and they really stink! A lot of us arte just palin scared for our families finacially, and we don't know what to do!
Hopefully a solution will come.

Joseph Lopez said...

Blackballing. Shunning. Outcast, Unclean! Leper!

Thomas Covanent knew what being outcast was like, he tunneled into a whole other reality, and who came out? Yes, Stephen R. Donaldson, local badass writer.

From adversity comes motivation. Life is driven by the mix of chaos and order, of good and evil in this world.

We will never "defeat" evil, and evil will never "defeat" good.

And the messed up thing? Maes/Modrall/Media sees the disgruntled employees union as the bad guys, they see themselves as the ethical ones!

If you are Chaotic Evil, you get rewarded for being haphazard and unpredictable about being bad. If you are Lawful Good you get rewarded for being orderly about being good. Some of us are Chaotic Good - we get rewarded for confounding the Lawful Evil ones. I have ALWAYS liked being the chaotic good character in D and D, let the lawfuls have their plus five vorpal sword, I am gonna steal the bad guys intel and trap them in green slime during their next orgy.