Sunday, February 17, 2008

Darren White, Please Respond

to the following allegations which were sent to me;

1. Did you demand money from the legislature in response
to a "prison break" you uncovered; which turned out to be
a big hole your own guards dug to fix utility pipes?

2. Did you spend drug interdiction money on cars
for your staff and new furniture for your office;
and were you then sued by the DOJ to get it back?

3. Did someone named Erin write any/all of your papers
for you at the University of Phoenix?

A simple yes or no, will suffice.

Stakeholder voters are still waiting for your explanation,
defense, or even your acknowledgment of your participation
in the APS Peanut Butter Gate scandal.


Anonymous said...

I would question as his degree from University of Phoenix an online degree or did he actually attend real classes at the real university? Many companies, private and governmental, in the USA do not recognize online/non-traditional degrees as meeting the qualificatons of employement/advancent.
It would be of curiosity to me if he did/didn't meet the stated criterion with his Phoenix degree, but got hired/advanced anyway whereas others were denied.
UGOB= University of Good Ole Boys?

Joseph Lopez said...

I can say that this is true in many fields, I am trying to find some kind of work after being disabled, and online degrees often are not accepted by employers to qualify you for a cushy desk job.

The ones that take online degrees are cop shops and such, people that are supposed to be working so hard and so much that getting to classes in a traditional way is hard. Shift changes often happen in the middle of a semester, it happend to me more than once - I have the W/F or striaght up Fs on my transcript to prove it, surrounded by As and Bs when I could actually finish a class.

The main thing, though, is did he do the work himself? Erin is his spokesperson, she is really smart. I hope she was not forced to write his papers or lose her job, or even worse, did she write his papers in some Quid Pro Quo (non-sexual) fashion?

I am disabled and have serious headaches often, so some employers might accomodate me with the acceptance of an online degree, but Mr. White is not disabled except in his ethics, if he allowed Erin to write his papers for him.

Why would he need to, I thought he was a reporter and a cop - both of which write ALL the time. If he was just lazy, then he is not a good candidate for his present position or any other public office. He can go to New Orleans and help with Katrina, but can't write his own essays?