Sunday, February 10, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

For readers unfamiliar with the plot line; (a wiki link )

At the end of the story you have to ask;
was the sacrifice all for nothing?

I have been trying to get even one of APS' good ole boys
on the 3:10 to Accountability for anything at all,
for fourteen years now;

with no success; none.

And I am beginning to wonder

if it has been, even in its smallest measure,

worth it.


Joseph Lopez said...
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Joseph Lopez said...
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ched macquigg said...

I worry for you Joseph.
Take care of yourself first.
We are closer to the end,
than to the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Many Parents are feeling what you express here, but they feel unorganized and helpless against the big bad APS.
Many teachers want to stand behind you, but we are intimidated by some real threats from the APS "thugs".
There are administrators that salute, but wouldn't dare publicly by other types of professional intimidation.
There are kids that are starting to read your blog and think it's "cool" and "the truth".
We are all out here.
We are unorganized.
Except for you, we are uninformed, or misinformed.
We (including students and parents) are intimidated personally, professionally and the union doesn't do squat.
We all want change.
I, myself, want everyone to read your blog.... but how can I get teachers and students tuned into it if it means admin suddenly in my room writing "notes" and trying to "reassign" they do for lesser "offenses".
In a way, APS is like Nazi Germany. We all live, subverted, not complacent, but humbled none the less.
You tell the truth. Everyone needs to hear it. People with a concious need to act.
I, myself want to spread little notes with your website on it saying "If you valkue your sanity, don't look at this website!" (Then of course they will). I would have to spread these paprers anonymously, but I do wish yo do it.
But I'm a realist. Many that I confide in and tell about your site say "I don't get involved in all the BS." and "What can I do about it, I'm just a teacher" or "I don't want to make waves".
There's a special place in HEll for people like that. The kids are suffering, the parents, the teachers, the nation in it's own way...suffers from those attitudes...and they expect a few of us to carry thier lazy asses to victory some day.
We will do that...because it's in our nature. They will do nothing because it is in their nature. PAula and Company will continue to exploit the system because it's in their nature.
Yes, it sometimes takes many to change the world...but it almost always starts with just a few.
I admire your work, your dedication. I admire Mr. Lopez's sacrifice, and yet he continues on, like a true hero.
It make take awhile, but once we set change, we, and those like us, will be there to guard it and ensure this BS never happens again!
thanks for all you do!
--An APS Instructor