Thursday, February 28, 2008

APS Character Counts Gate; Hall of Shame and (if there is any justice) Eternal Damnation


  • Michael Josephson
  • United States Senator Pete Domenici
  • United States Representative Heather Wilson
  • Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez
  • Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce President Terri Cole
  • APS School Board President Paula Maes.
  • APS Character Counts Leadership Council President Paula Maes
  • The members of the Character Counts Leadership Council who's names are still, a secret.
  • APS Superintendent Beth Everitt
  • and APS Superintendent 2b, Linda Sink

APS Board of Education members;
  • Paula Maes
  • Berna Facio
  • Gordon Rowe
  • Robert Lucero
  • Delores Griego
  • Marty Esquivel
  • Mary Lee Martin

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