Friday, February 22, 2008

If There is NOT Now an APS "Character Counts Gate"

How do you explain away the fact that
the names of the group members of a sham
Character Counts Leadership Council

formed apparently, only in order to get grant money
through the efforts of U S Senator Pete Domenici;
have been secret since February 13, 2003 link

and still are.

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Joseph Lopez said...

If we were to request and get information on what exact benefits in money and supplies, or salary, that Character Counts gave teh following Grant recipients, then compare to the total amount of the Grant, we can see how much of the money actually got to the schools.

If they refuse the particulars, they are trying to hide some kind of malfeasance.
Partnerships in Character
Education Grant Recipients

Bel-Air Elementary School
Chaparral Elementary School
Cochiti Elementary School
Duranes Elementary School
East Mountain Charter School
Ernie Pyle Middle School
Eugene Field Elementary School
Grant Middle School
James Monroe Middle School
Kit Carson Elementary School
Nuestros Valores Charter School
Pajarito Elementary School
Rio Grande High School
Transition Service