Thursday, February 21, 2008

APS Police Chief Makes Critical Error

Bill Reed has "mistakenly" responded to my email* to him.

I am both astonished and pleasantly surprised;
it tends to indicate that his gut reaction is to be ethical.

However, he has placed himself in an untenable position;

he now must either start responding to legitimate questions,

or begin stonewalling.

The same thing happened to Tom Savage.
He placed himself on the record as in discussion,
but when I asked him legitimate questions about
the lack of administrative accountability in the APS
he started stonewalling.

And with Brad Winter.
He placed himself on the record with a commitment to
provide a candid, forthright and honest accounting of
the squandering of the public trust and treasure
at 6400 Uptown Blvd,
and then starting stonewalling.

Tom Savage and Brad Winter proved that their character
bends under the influence of APS/Modrall.

What will Bill Reed show us about his character?

Will his response reflect his responsibilities
as a senior administrative role model of
the student standard of conduct;

or will his response reflect his personal corruption and

Time and his responses, will tell.

Bill Reed's response to my email; and mine to his.

Mr. MacQuigg:
At this point in time you are not “banned” from the meetings. I am asking that you do not cover your face at meetings in the future. Had you agreed to go outside last night and discuss this issue without yelling and causing a disturbance, we quite possible could have resolved the matter. I would be happy to meet with you in person and discuss these issues if you are so inclined, and agree to keep our discussion civil and professional. If you would like to do this please let me know and we can schedule a time.
Bill Reed

If I have learned anything at all from my decade long drubbing by APS/Modrall, it is to do nothing that is not on the record,
and with as many witnesses as possible.

I will not meet with you to "discuss" the issue.

But, I can think of no more civilized and professional way
to discuss the issue, than by email.

My first question;

You know the truth about why you wrestled me out of
the board meeting; you know who ordered you to do it.
You know about all of the pertinent public records that were
generated before and after the incident.

The question is; are you prepared to tell the truth?

Are you prepared to be the first administrator in the APS
to hold them self honestly accountable to the student standard of
conduct, as a senior district administrator and role model?

Will you provide candid, forthright, and honest responses to
legitimate questions?

Or have I already received my last email from you?

Who ordered you to order me to remove my mask, or be arrested?

candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

ched macquigg


Anonymous said...

I have to give my two cents on the mask issue ... No masks in public places has become a new policy, everywhere, for everyone's safety.

I think you ought to meet with him, in person and take notes. Actually, I think you ought to ask for a personal mtg. with the Board and others in the administration to discuss your grievance ... which most of us agree with, by the way. Ask your questions face to face ... it can't hurt.

Perhaps, right now everyone feels cornered and on the defense by your approach. Taking a different approach might cause different results.
Chief Reed might be the one to take that first step in finally acknowledging you and is seeking resolution. Personally, I'd take him up on it and see if this fresh, potentially untainted employee really has what APS lacks ... integrity.

ched macquigg said...
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ched macquigg said...

Fair enough.
But it is not APS policy.
One can't just make rules up on the fly. He knew me by name. I came into the room and took my position before putting the mask on.

I did not arrive at my "negotiating position" with the leadership of the APS overnight. I spent years trying to get the board to discuss my grievance.

I even have a settlement agreement that requires them to discuss my grievance; it is one of many contracts that they have broken.

I cannot meet in person.
I simply cannot place myself in a position that can be misrepresented by Modrall lawyers.

Mr. Reed must pass a test.

He will tell us the circumstances that resulted in him arresting me;

or he will not.

If he does, he will be the first member of the leadership who will answer a legitimate question.

If he does, he will will do it against the will and the against the personal interests of his bosses in APS/Modrall.

It will end his career.

These are the same people that can simply refuse an impartial accountability audit.

There just is no getting around the fact that my grievance with them is that most of them should resign, many will be fired, and at least a few will/should be criminally prosecuted.

Paula Maes and Modrall are not just going to roll over.

I appreciate your suggestions and your attention to my blog.