Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How does one write the words "good and evil" without sounding histrionic?

Yet, what other words would one use?

The leadership of the APS is at a fork in the road.

Down one path, a school district where everyone from
students to superintendents are accountable to meaningful
standards of conduct and competence.

Down the other path, a school district run by a bunch of
good ol' boys. No meaningful standards of either conduct
or competence. No system to hold an administrator or
board member honestly accountable for their conduct or
competence, even if there were standards.

If one of those paths is not good, and the other evil,

what is?

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Joseph Lopez said...

Although a Manichean prospect is possible, I would prefer the multi-viariable model of ethical misalignment.

Should Modrall Law Firm show that they "refund " APS in loss control incentives what they "overcharge" as opposed to five lawyers at $150,000.00 each. Lets say that APS even has $250,000 in fees related to defending actual good employees - making diagrams, reconstructing things for a jury, etc. So one million is not unreasonable, it would take 200 students per year at five thousand (rounded, I think it is a little more this year)each. If we have 98,000 students at about 5k each, that comes out to 490 million.

One four hundred nintieth of all income is enough to pay, I would think for lawyers. Two one thousandths of all the money APS gets to educate every kid, maintain every building, and do every other thing it must do.

Anything over that, they refund in loss control savings by buying Bill and Jim some new cars for the cops and the specialists. They update the alarm systems, and update to CEPTED standards incrementally. Get Smemi-auto shotguns and at least one person on staff at all times that is rifle trained.

They buy the dispatch center state of the art survielance equipment and and a roving drone with night vision and telescopic sights. They equip a squad of multi-hazard specialists with Level A gear.

This is what would make me think Modrall actually cared about kids, and didn't just want to bleed them for money.