Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Open Letter to Bill Reed Chief of the APS Police


I require;

Citations, for every applicable regulation, law, policy, or mandate of any kind that pertains to my wearing a paper elephant mask during public meetings.

Citations regarding the lines of authority that allow you to take independent action in the absence of any real and credible threat to anyone's safety, actions you have taken and intend to take to restrict my rights to freedom of speech,and to petition my government.

Copies of any accreditation or certification of the APS Police Department, as a department.

The identities of any entities that exercise oversight over the APS Police Department.

Be advised, it has been and is now my belief, that I am also exercising my right to practice my religion; Character Counts by standing up for what I believe in.

Do you intend to comply with the public records request for public records in APS' possession that are germane to the "arrest", whether before, during or after the incident.

Finally, I believe that as a stakeholder, I have the right to ask you for an on the record response to a legitimate question about your public service.

Within your public service as one of the most senior public servants in the APS, and
as a steward of many of the billion tax dollars a year entrusted to the leadership of the APS,
and as one of the most senior role models in the leadership of the APS,

do you intend to hold yourself honestly accountable
as a role model of the student standard of conduct;

by accepting accountability to that standard,
by a system over which you have no control?


cc at my sole discretion

UPDATE: 10:13 am

Mr. Chavez has received your request for documents.
Thank You
Bill Reed

The request for a candid, forthright, and honest answer
to a legitimate question of a public servant; and about their
public service;

... dutifully ignored.

Which means what exactly, in the eyes of APS/Modrall lawyers

"plausible deniability"?

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