Tuesday, February 19, 2019

John Rosemond; classroom discipline (in the Alb. Public Schools) is falling apart.

John Rosemond is a columnist, public speaker, and author of 15 books on parenting. His syndicated weekly column is featured the Journal.  In his column this morning, link, Rosemond did not mention APS by name; his comments this morning were meant to apply generally.  But, absent any evidence whatsoever to the contrary, his appraisal applies to the Albuquerque Public Schools specifically.

Things are going to get worse.  Rosemond predicts an “Increasing population of “special needs” children … (which will) allow public schools to pretty much abandon … behavioral standards.

Rosemond argues, “ … many (APS) administrators refuse to acknowledge the problem.”
Is the leadership of the APS refusing to acknowledge the problem? 
Search their award-winning website for any empirical data whatsoever on student discipline in APS classrooms; any data at all.  You will find none.
Ayn Rand argued; to fear to face an issue is to believe that the worst is true.
The failure of the leadership of the APS to face the issue of student discipline in public school classrooms is reason to believe that the worst is true.

Rosemond writes; “teachers are not the problem – not for the most part, at least.”  “The problem consists of … , and administrators who strip teachers of permission to discipline and then discipline teachers who have the temerity to do so.”

If the truth is that discipline in APS classrooms is falling apart, then the leadership of the APS has every reason to keep that fact secret from stake and interest holders, in particular is the fault is theirs.
If discipline in APS classrooms is not falling apart; if classrooms really are under the control of teachers, why would the leadership of the APS keep that information secret?  Why is their million dollar communications department not broadcasting the good news? 

Why is the Journal not reporting on the one thing APS is doing right; keeping classrooms under control so teachers can teach, and more importantly, so students can learn?