Monday, February 25, 2008

Grade Controversy Lives On

The Journal ran its speculation on the apparent immortality
of the Grade Gate Scandal, this morning. link sub req.

Why won't the controversy die?

According to the Journal;

State Sen. James Taylor said he doubts the
controversy will end anytime soon.
"There has been no closure," the South Valley
Democrat said late last week.
"That's been the biggest problem with the whole issue.
I think the school district kind of washed their hands
of what was going on."
Fierro now wants her name cleared, prompting
Rio Grande teachers to say they need answers about
what really happened.
"It's like nobody wants to take responsibility for this,"
English teacher David Bleicher has said.
"I think an apology is due the teacher," Taylor said.
"Even APS didn't know how to handle the situation."
Still, he has noticed that rules have tightened,
with administrators demanding syllabuses from teachers
at the beginning of the year.
Anita Lucero, ... Atrisco Heritage Foundation said
people need to be forgiving of Commissioner Córdova.
"I think everybody makes mistakes," Lucero said.
"I know what she did was wrong.
It's a dead dog already. Let's move forward."

There has been no closure, the leadership of the APS
has washed it hands of the whole affair.
Board Members like Robert Lucero will say
"Let's move forward and forget the past."

It is a common position for he and the board to take;
whenever a senior administrator screws up,
the first thing that happens is the drive begins to
move forward and "forget about the past".

When no one in the leadership is willing to take responsibility;
shit rolls down hill. It is the way good ol' boys, and shit rolls.

The leadership of the APS will never apologize. To do so,
would indicate that they have accepted responsibility;
that they have accepted blame;

something the leadership of the APS has never done,
and something the current leadership will never do.

Miguel Acosta, former board member and politico
never admitted that he did anything wrong.

Teresa Cordova, county commissioner, and politica
never admitted that she did anything wrong.

Nor did Nelinda Venegas, Susie Peck, or Beth Everitt.

It just not the way they roll.

Yet "rules have been tightened" at RGHS enabling
the false assumption that lax rules for teachers
were the problem.

Lax rules that led teachers, but not senior administrators,
to screw up the grade change.

Life is good, if you're one of the good ol' boys.

Decidedly less good, if you work down hill from them.

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