Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heath Hausamann Failed

as did,,
Eye on Albuquerque,
Errors of Enchantment,
The Bomb Town News Observer,
Kate Stone,
The Westerner,
Joe Monahan,
Mario Burgos,
Julia Goldberg,
Burque Babble,
Democracy for New Mexico,
Only in New Mexico,
Inside the Capital,
High Desert Reports,
Capital Report New Mexico,
Sheriff Greg Solano Blog;
and every other political blogger in NM including Diogenes.

Assuming each of these bloggers advocates for
the need for ethical reform in NM state government;

we have failed to make a change.

I believe it is we because cannot, or because we will not
coalesce around issues that advance all of our legitimate
political agendas.

I will of course, bow to controverting fact
and earnestly consider controverting opinion.

ched macquigg

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