Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expect the Broadcast Version of This Evening's Board Meeting to Be Dishonestly Redacted.

During the board meeting tonight,

the first mask and demeanor
I was physically ejected from the meeting by the new APS Chief of Police and a subordinate.

I was manhandled out of the room by the commander of APS' Praetorian Guard for exercising my right to petition my government(albeit by wearing an elephant mask).

I was told that I was making people feel uncomfortable.
... duh

And, I was told,
there was a safety issue with my wearing a mask,
even if I was standing perfectly still while wearing it.

He repeatedly
refused to tell me what rule I had broken,and who ordered him to order me, to take the mask off or be arrested! !!

This is bullshit.

I have made a public records request for every scrap of evidence of what happened tonight.

You will see it as soon as it can be pried loose from

It will be interesting to see what the reporters from the Journal and Tribune write.

Update; Neither the Journal nor the Trib wrote about it, and
APS/Modrall never surrendered even one public record
that documented any part of my illegal arrest and
blatant civil rights violation.

Update; 5/20/13 APS did produce a video tape of the police chief and an officer pushing me down onto a couch.

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Joseph Lopez said...

What would APS do if a devout Muslim lady came in to a Board Meeting with her face veiled, whould they throw her out too?