Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will YOU Get to Ask a Question?

The leadership of the APS is planning to have the finalists
in their "search" for APS' next Superintendent, screened by stakeholders.

According to the Journal - link - sub req

"The finalists will gather in Albuquerque on March 7 to be screened by students, business and government leaders, APS employees and parents in a marathon of meetings."
Do you suppose that the leadership of the APS will really limit access to only "... students, business and government leaders, APS employees and parents ..."?

How else will they keep me from asking candidates the question that Paula Maes, Linda Sink, Modrall, et al,
refuse to answer?

How will they keep someone from asking each of the candidates if they,

in stark contrast to every single administrator and board member in the APS,

would be willing to hold them self personally and honestly accountable as a role model 90,000 for this community's sons and daughters,

and for a million other APS stakeholders in Albuquerque?

How else will they keep candidates from having to
stand on the record with their intentions regarding
a full scale forensic administrative accountability audit
of the leadership of the APS?

I for one would like to ask them, on the record,
if they will commit to accountability audit,

or if they intend to waive the audit
in favor of maintaining the good ol' boy style of leadership
in the APS?

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