Thursday, February 28, 2008

APS Response to My Request to be Allowed to Submit a Question in Writing

The response was through Monica Armenta,
but "the buck stopped" on the desk of a subordinate
employee, the school board manager.
(Emphasis added)

"Mr. MacQuigg,

While we would like to be able to allow community members
to submit questions prior to the community meetings
scheduled on March 7, we are unable to do so because
the meetings would lose meaning and integrity for the people
who actually attend the meetings, and the pace of the
meetings requires a specific structure used in the past by
the League of Women Voters in similar community meetings.

The League of Women Voters is assisting us with taking
questions submitted by audience members at a specific point
in each meeting. These questions, which will be written
on cards and collected by League of Women Voters
volunteers, will be sorted by theme by the volunteers and
asked by the facilitator as a general question per theme
for the candidate.

We do encourage you to attend one of the meetings
of your choice to take part in this important process."

However, if you show up wearing a harmless elephant mask
as an exercise of your right to free speech, freedom of religion, and your right to petition your government,

the APS Praetorian Guard will be summoned, again,
you will be arrested again,
and they will throw your happy little ass out of the meeting,

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