Monday, February 25, 2008

Torches and Pitchforks Parade "rules"


Obviously a bunch of flaming torches dripping fire all over
the place would be cool on some level;
but would reasonably justify the intervention of
the APS Praetorian Guard.

So lets not go there.

Pitchforks are problematic for similar and obvious reasons.

How about Torches = Flashlights?

and when your representative on the board of education
has the opportunity to speak out against the corruption
and incompetence in the leadership of the APS

you could simply raise your hand and turn on your torch.

footnote; I will do what I can to determine if the APS
Praetorian Guards will want to inspect your "torch"
as you enter the public meeting.

They might want to argue that a 24" long maglite link
is overkill. It would be interesting point to clear up
during litigation; but why complicate things?

Same thing with anything approaching the million candle
range. No point in starting any inadvertent fires,
damaging paint; or scorching innocents.

They arrested me for wearing a paper mask.

No point in pressing that point.

One of my students once asked me if I was alive
when there were hippies.

What are you going to tell the children when they ask what
you were doing when everyone else was at the
torches and pitchforks parade?

Grab a (street legal) flashlight

and come storm the Uptown Administrative Complex.

Bring a friend. Bring a lot of friends.

It is kind of important that this done
before they give Linda Sink a multi year contract;

as the new Grand Oom pa of the APS good ol' boys club.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that a great idea Ched! MAny great movements have started with similar single gestures.
The types of personalities will see the arrival of flashlights the same way as if you brought billy clubs. They are power mongers and control freaks. Any event, however minute that takes one drop of their selfish power from them will make them feel like we feel... on the defensive, vulnerable...maybe "we better do the right things from now on" might pass their mind.
The difference between the billy club and your flashlights is that flashlights are legal, and the power of the community with a common symbol is even more powerful.
If, for some reasons, flashlights suddenly are termed "innappropriate", then people should say they are for their safety to help them navigate down the poorly lit stairs. Even APS can't remove safety devices. If they do, and 1 person "slips", then BAM! their ass on the line.
Thanks for evolving to the situations. It's hard to beat hard core corrupt, priveleged "evildoers".. but you have always taken the high road...and in the end, I believe that will be the final stroke that will end all this wrongdoing.