Friday, January 17, 2020

APS Custodian of Records; hysterical!

I have been trying for two months to find out;

  1. how many teachers are working for the APS, and
  2. how many years of experience they have between them.

Two months later, the best that the Custodian of Records/Communications Specialist can do, seriously, the very best they can do is to refer me to the salary list for everyone who works for the APS.

I am apparently supposed to sift through the list all 12,142 of them ferreting out and counting teachers. LOL

The Custodian of Records claims there is no record of accumulated years of teaching experience. Odd, since every year, the district is reimbursed by the state specifically for the years of teaching experience for which they compensate teachers.

Else, districts would hire inexperienced teachers to keep district costs down.

It reminds me of the time I asked for a videotape of a board meeting. They played it on a TV somewhere and taped it with some crappy camera and produced a copy of that. Funny they are.

The whole thing stops being funny when you thing about the fact that the Custodian of Records is;
  • a public servant
  • on the public dime,
  • goaded on by administrators 
  • on the public dime
  • egged on by lawyers eager to litigate
  • on the public dime.

Eager to bank more of the Operational Fund; money that could, should and would be spent in classrooms were it and the public trust not being squandered in courtrooms instead.

There is an ethics, standards, accountability and role modeling scandal in the leadership of the APS. Or they could prove that there isn’t.

They could point to;

Ethics and standards high enough to protect the public interests in the public schools, and to

Honest to God accountability to those ethics and standards,

Visible enough to serve as models for staff and students to emulate.

There aren’t those. Obviously.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

"Republican party would love the opportunity to execute gay people."

wrote Democrat party leader Charles Alexander Weimer; link.

Someone else first wrote;
we are a divided country but not a sharply divided country.
Clearly s/he wrote that long ago.

If it can be agreed; the divide needs to be bridged in the interests of the country, then it should be noted that the greatest obstacle to repairing a sharply divided country is the inability to engage in civil discourse. Nothing is settled by a shouting match of name calling, hyperbole and outright lies.

America is being encouraged to abandon civil discourse by "leaders" like Weimer. It is scary to read that Weimer once played a role in childhood development link.

Begging a question; development in what respect?
Better at using deliberately misleading language to advance
personal and political interests? Isn't that called lying?

Nothing is to be gained by exacerbating the divide. Nothing.

Friday, January 03, 2020

The fight with radical Islamist terrorists is a fight to the death.

If there is any doubt about whether one is or is not in a fight to the death, the surest way to resolve that doubt is to ask those with whom you are fighting;
"are we fighting to the death?"

If your opponent declares over and over again,
"of course we are fighting to the death"
so are you, in a fight to the death;
never mind any of your feelings or controverting misconceptions.

Fights to the death end in one of two ways.

If one or the other opponent does not realize, believe or fight like they are in a fight to the death, the death that ends the fight will be theirs.

The math all but does itself.