Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Have Always Admired the Work of the League of Women Voters

Normally, I would find some considerable comfort in knowing
that League of Women Voters volunteers will be running the
town meetings in the APS superintendent search process.

Then I found out that the leadership of the APS has charged
them with being unwitting "question filters" for specific
and "inconvenient" questions

I don't know how it was accomplished,

but somehow the leadership of the APS has managed to
place the League of Women Voters in the position
of allowing the candidates to avoid being asked
tough, specific, and legitimate questions,
in public, and on the record.

The stakes are high, and "... a general question per theme ..."
in place of specific and legitimate questions
just doesn't cut it.

The League of Women Voters has been placed in the position
of abrogating the rights of citizens
to petition their (prospective) government
(through the asking of specific questions).

The "insider" candidates; the APS good ol' boys
don't want to answer specific questions about standards
and accountability.

And they don't what an "outsider" with relatively
nothing to loose,
(certainly they too can see Linda Sink's name on the wall)
to open Pandora's Box by modeling the character and
the courage lacking in the current leadership of the APS.

So the "insiders" will not allow the "outsiders" to be asked
the questions that they don't want on the table;

  • Do you believe the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, when he says that APS has an earned statewide reputation for their lack of accountability?
  • Do you believe Mayor Martin Chavez, and the President of the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Terry Cole, when they say the the lack of accountability in the leadership of the APS is so profound, that the Mayor's Office must take over the board of education in order to restore order?
  • Do you believe the Council of the Great City Schools, when in their audits they revealed that APS administrative evaluations are "... subjective and unrelated to promotion or step placements ...". And when they wrote that the "culture" of the leadership of the APS is one of "... fear of retaliation and retribution ...". And when they wrote that the leadership of the APS routinely deceives stakeholders about crime and violence statistics for public schools.
  • Do you believe that there is an obvious need for an immediate and impartial full scale forensic administrative accountability audit?
  • Would such an audit, if done before the superintendent was hired, be a useful tool for any superintendent with the character and the courage to dismantle the APS good ol' boys club?
  • If hired, will you begin the audit immediately?
  • Will you ask the Attorney General to begin a forensic audit of APS Modrall?
  • Why not?
  • Would you rather be a "club leader" or a "role model"?

What about the rights of a prospective candidate
who has the character and the courage to stand up
to the responsibilities of the most senior administrative
role model in the APS?

What if one of them wanted to to wow stakeholders by
answering my questions candidly, forthrightly and honestly?
... for a change.

Is this process fair to them?

What if all the outsider candidates are already on board,
and support the efforts of the leadership of the APS,
including their manipulation of the League of Women voters,
in order to avoid having to answer specific legitimate questions themselves?

By some weird circumstance,
the League of Women Voters has been manipulated into
preventing these and other important specific questions
from being even put on the table.

cc. LoWV

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