Monday, February 11, 2008

Senator Pete Domenici and APS Character Counts Fraud

APS Character Counts has received a lot of federal money courtesy of Character Counts founding father; and
United States Senator, Pete Domenici.

Yet the identity of those who influence its spending,
Character Counts Leadership Council,

is being kept secret by the leadership of the APS,
and has been secret since February 13th 2003.

Why won't
Senator Domenici renounce the secrecy
surrounding the identification of members of the
APS Character Counts Leadership Council?

Why won't he renounce
APS' Character Counts Gate?

the hypocrisy and betrayal of the public interest
manifest in their abdication as role models and
by their self-exception from accountability to
Pillars of Character Counts.

If he got them federal money,
shouldn't he be looking after how they are spending it?

Does he not owe taxpayers and stakeholders as much?

APS Character Counts Gate;

Why are they hiding their identities?

What else are they hiding?

... if not some kind of fraud?

People do not hide things unless
they have something to hide.

The worst thing any public servant can do
is anything they say they have to do
in secret.

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