Friday, February 29, 2008

APS Custodian of Public Records Rigo Chavez

has responded to my complaint that he failed to surrender
public records as required by the law.

He will tell the attorney general that my request was
archived without having being read - inadvertently of course.

This maneuver will add 60 days of delay in the surrender.

(It is absolutely "legal" of course; but totally unethical.
It is the Juris Mustelidae (legal weaselry) that is being
practiced by APS lawyers, in your name, and against the
public interest.)

Rigo Chavez will not be held accountable.

Maes Modrall will not be held accountable.

And APS stakeholders still do not know how many tax
dollars have flowed from Paula Maes good ol' boys in the APS
to the coffers of her (husband's) law firm;

or what they bought.*

*immunity from accountability, even to the law.

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