Thursday, February 21, 2008

APS' Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard wiki link

APS Police Department is a publicly funded,
private police force.

It is
certified by no one.
It is
regulated by no one.
It is
investigated by no one

Paula Maes and Modrall.

It has been used five times now to prevent me from
my rights as a citizen of the United States.

Five times I have been removed from board meetings
for exercising my
legal, procedural and ethical rights.

I have
never been charged with any misconduct, ever.

No one in APS/Modrall can cite any rule or regulation
that I have broken in my effort to exercise my right
to petition my government, on the record.

I am simply,
forcibly removed against my will.

full view of the media. (They even have video tape.)

The APSPD is being used to stifle protest over the corruption
and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

It is being used to stifle political opposition.

It is being used to cover up the lack of accountability in
the leadership of the APS, to any meaningful standards
of conduct and competence; even the law.

It is being used to hide public records of public corruption
and criminal conspiracy.

It is being used in what the Council of the Great City Schools
described as
a "... culture of retaliation and retribution ... "

It is being used unethically, immorally, and criminally.

Both of its former chiefs left in disgrace after
taking advantage of a system that held them
beyond accountability even to the law.

It is being used as a Praetorian Guard

full view of the media,

and no one seems to give a crap.

-no offense to the rank and file,
some of whom I know, and
many of whom I respect.-


Anonymous said...


Trib Poll on APS

Joseph Lopez said...

Upon reading the Wiki article, it seems that the Praetorians were instrumental in removing from office many corrupt emperors, although they were corrupt themselves in certain parts of history.

I find some hope in History here - The Praetorians can indeed be honorable, and can indeed do good for the Rebublic.

Praetor Bill Reed could decide he has enough probable cause to arrest any corrupt APS official, even the Superintendent or Board President; now if he can just get Kari Brandenburg to "go along", then maybe he will not be "let go" at the end of his current contract.

If he gets his criminal target ducks in a row, which you have herded quite nicely into columns,then he may be able to shoot them all with one "bullet".

And if Bill Reed is looking for a job after he busts who he has information on, is retaliated against for just doing his job? I bet he will think it was worth it, at least those particular ones will have to face the music of Justice.

Bill can afford to sip Mint Juleps on the beach somewhere, so if he loses his job no big whoop. And if they fire him for whistleblowing? Oh, boy will he OWN APS, he has got the cash to screw them royal in court.

This in going to be good!