Tuesday, February 26, 2008

APS Police Chief to Take One for the Team

APS Police Chief Bill Reed will accept sole responsibility
for Elephant Gate;

the decision to arrest a peaceful protester at a board meeting;

an arrest that was made in the most egregious violation of
the protester's constitutional rights to free speech,
the right to petition one's government,
and the right to freely practice religion;

rather that let that protester draw public attention to
the unethical, immoral, and often illegal conduct of the
President of Everything, Paula Maes Modrall.

That kind of dedication will earn the lad a position of honor
in the good ol boys club; perhaps the

Deputy Superintendent of the APS Praetorian Guard

and with a raise in salary befitting such an esteemed position.

He is doing nothing even remotely courageous;

he will be defended by APS Modrall,
with their unscrupulous lawyers and their
bottomless trough of unwitting taxpayer support
for "education";

who will practice their legal weaselry
behind a cloak of invisibility
provided by Maes' cronies in the media.

Thomas Lang, Kent Walz, Michelle Donaldson,
Thomas Pearl and Sue Stephens.

How else can you explain any of this?

If I'm crazy,
what is the sane explanation? ??


Anonymous said...

Seems to me,

Bill Reed's nose is so far up
Paula Maes' ass, that
when she stops dancing
he can't breathe.

He was hired to cover up after Lovato.

What do you expect?

former APS employee

Joseph Lopez said...

Mr. Reed is good in my book, you guys should just talk to him. He spoke to me today, and I feel really much better to have told what I wanted to tell.

Mr. Reed is a realist, like a lot of cops with brass on their collars. I think he will catch lots of burglars through good management, maybe update emergency plans to HSPD 5 and 8 before a few more years pass.

He did say that he just could not address several of my questions, but at least he responded to each, if not answered specifically.

I bitch to people all the time about fixing the problem themselves, if they can. But I really think that anyone BESIDES M/M/M is just not in a position to change things as laws are presently written.

There is no crime I can point to in the statute book that describes what I think is actually more of an ethical violation in nature. Until the legislature makes it illegal, the dynamic I described to them is not an actionable criminal offense.

Someone would have to push a bill that specifically prohibits the nexus of power that M/M/M holds over education money. Until then, all Mr. Reed can do is keep on keeping order in the meetings, and trying to catch some burglars when he doesn't have wear his Praetor mask.

(One personal aside that will help explain - I was refused a volunteer position to update the APS emergency plans, so I am not trying to kiss his ass for any reason, he doesn't want me working for him either)