Friday, May 13, 2016

Pat Rogers; "Shame on (me) for not leaving!"

Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Rogers was the guest speaker at the Bernalillo County Republican Party Friday morning get-together at the Golden Corral this morning.

He began his talk by insisting that any members of the media turn off their recorders and further, that they were not to write anything about what they were going to hear.

When it was my turn to speak, I informed Rogers that had I a recorder with me, I would have turned it on at the instant he told me that I could not.  Who in the hell does he think he is?

Further, I told him that I had every intention to write about what I had seen and heard this morning, specifically including his effort to contain the truth by ignoring the rights of a free press.

Rogers said I should have left the room if I didn't like his terms.

"Shame on you for not leaving the room!" he said.
At which point, I called bullshit.

I am a member of the NM Republican Party and I had every right to attend the meeting.  My human right to be the press is protected by the First Amendment and not subject to the whim of petty politicians and tyrants.

My question to him (it was a Q & A);
"Do you really think this kind of behavior, manipulating the dissemination of truth and the press, is what the Republican Party needs right now?
He chose to not respond directly to the question.

photo Mark Bralley