Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Public Servants Not Accountable for "Old, Old" Incompetence and Corruption

according to the Journal editorial this morning, link sub req

Former NM Secretary of State, Rebecca Vigil-Giron said,
The controversy over the $6.4 million that she spent
on self-promoting ads, is "is old, old news."

Therefore, it should not be an issue in her run for congress.

Apparently, there is a very small window of opportunity
during which public officials can be held accountable for
public corruption, misconduct and incompetence.

Once the news cycle ends/the window closes,
the individual acts of mis, non, and-malfeasance fall off of
the public radar, and depending how far off they fall,
may never come up again.

Apparently, and at least according to Vigil-Giron,
that window has closed on her misappropriation of
federal funds earmarked for "voter education".

The good ol' boys in public service have, over generations,
created and maintained the system under which they
are held accountable.

They wrote the standards; woefully inadequate,

and then created the system for accountability,

a system which they control, and which is too weak and
inconsequential to hold them accountable against their will.

It has been years since Rebecca Vigil-Giron used
millions of tax dollars promoting her image
in advance of the elections.

It has been so long in fact that it is old, old news.

And as far as Vigil-Giron is concerned,

"... so what?"

Good question.

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