Saturday, February 23, 2008

"It is what it is", or, They are what they are.

Linda Sink's picture was run up the Journal flagpole again
this morning. link sub req

This time in the matter of middle schoolers with
pathetic communication skills.

The letters speak for themselves.

Life is about the work you turn in,
not about the work you could have turned in
if someone else proofreads it and "fixes" all your mistakes.

When these kids go to work,
Linda Sink will not be there to proofread their work.

These students find themselves in middle school
with atrocious writing and spelling skills,
because there has been no point in their education where
they actually had to perform at some level of competence
before continuing on their education.

If you read letters that these same students will write
in their senior year; they will not be any better.

Students who are behind in any aspect of their education,
will fall further and further behind; they will never catch up.
There is nothing in a system that let them fall behind,
that will catch them up. To suppose so, defies logic.

The problem lies in a lack of accountability.

At such time as there are meaningful standards of writing
(and spelling, and math, and reading, and ...)

and honest accountability to those standards,

there will be "no more" middle schoolers
who write and spell like second graders.

Instead, the leadership of the APS offers excuses as to why
the letters were made public in their "honest" condition;

"Teachers are expected to oversee and, where necessary, correct students' work before publication," Sink said...
Jefferson Middle School Principal Mike McNamara agreed that Wahler should have worked on the letters with his students before sending them.
"It was quite clear that the letters were not edited," said McNamara.

McNamara called the letters an "aberration."
"The letters that were published just do not reflect the vast majority of our kids," he said.

Students are not held accountable to meaningful standards
of conduct and competence in their education;

because an inordinate number would fall short.

This would reflect badly on those charged with "adequate"
student growth (in writing, in spelling, in math, ...);

and who do not want to be held honestly accountable for
their failure.

Linda Sink and Paula Maes steadfastly refuse to be held
honestly accountable to any standards of competence
and conduct in their public service.

Is it any wonder then, that students are not held honestly
accountable for theirs?

Role modeling.
Role modeling.
Role modeling.

Paula Maes, Linda Sink

Step up, ... or step down.


Anonymous said...

May I say...

Dante Alighieri, a noble man who lived in Italy in the 1200s wrote words that resonate in me some 800 years later.

To quote, "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis."

Anonymous said...


One of your better comments. The only exception I would point out is that many of these students, as documented in APS's own statistics, will drop out before their Senior year and be burdened by their lack of skills for the rest of their lives. But you are absolutely correct that Linda Sink will not be around to proof read their employment applications.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that there is no investigative reporter in town who would investigate the Journal's complicity in this. They chose what to publish out of about twenty five letters,a vast majority of which were written in a perfectly acceptable manner, The Journal should hang it's head in shame.