Friday, February 22, 2008

APS/Modrall Has Used Unwitting Taxpayer Support of "Education"

to buy immunity for senior administrators and board members,
from felony criminal prosecution.

APS Superintendent Micheal Vigil and APS/Modrall
negotiated the exchange of public funds for an agreement to
withhold hard evidence of felony perjury by then
APS Director of Risk Management, Richard Cangiolosi.

Cangiolosi then moved to a cushy job with an APS vendor.

And aggravated drunk driver, Michael Vigil,
left APS with almost a quarter of a million of our dollars.

And never had to answer, for personally negotiating
Cangiolosi's immunity.


Joseph Lopez said...

CCMSI was dropped as a Third Party Administrator recently, the new TPA is Tri-Star, but you are right, Cangiolosi was getting good money to head up the local CCMSI office.

CCMSI is still used by New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority, though, so as far as I know Mr. C still has a job.

ched macquigg said...

Thanks for the heads up, Joseph.
I'll update the post.