Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Darren White's Vote of No Confidence

According to an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/99

An overwhelming majority* of the members of
the New Mexico State Police Association
voted no confidence in Darren White.

Darren White was described as inexperienced, immature, and a glory hound.

"A good leader needs to gain the people's trust,"
said Rick Anglada, the association's vice president.
"You talk to our members, and they don't trust him
because he says one thing and does another."
In White's response one can read his disrespect
for the rank and file;
"I'm not going to reduce myself to the tactics of organized labor unions," he said
(reduce myself to ...?)
"I'm not running for prom king,"
"This isn't a popularity contest."
"I think there's personal issues involved here."

"personally" the folks who worked for him
thought him a pompous dick.)

manifest disrespect for the rank and file
is likely the fundamental source of his disrespect

among the rank and file.

Nothing has changed.

Stakeholders in the APS Peanut Butter Gate scandal,
(a stakeholder group that includes pretty much everyone)

are still experiencing Darren White's disrespect,

as manifest in his efforts to hide the truth about
public corruption and criminal conspiracy in
the leadership of the APS.

Darren White is scheduled for another vote of confidence
this coming June.

The truth about his part in the Peanut Butter Gate
will be public knowledge by then.

And hopefully that will be the last we hear from prom

King Darren I.

* The report, reports that among the 61% voter turnout,
a whopping 89% voted no confidence in Darren White.

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