Saturday, February 09, 2008

In the APS, "Trix are for kids."

Apparently so are the Pillars of Character Counts.

There is not one single senior administrator or board member
in the entire APS, who is willing to hold themselves honestly
accountable as a role model of the Pillars of Character Counts;

the student standard of conduct.

Not even the

President of the APS Character Counts Leadership Council,
and the President of the APS Board of Education,
the senior most public servant;
and the senior most role model in the APS,

Paula Maes.

Which begs the question;
are we expecting too much from kids,
or are we expecting too little from the leadership of the APS?

If the Pillars of Character Counts
are too high a standard of conduct and competence for

  • Paula Maes,
  • Beth Everitt,
  • Linda Sink,
  • Tom Savage,
  • Gil Lovato,
  • Darrel Harrel
  • Michael Vigil,
  • Brad Allison,
  • and every other administrator and board member

why is it still the standard of conduct for students?

... oh yeah, it isn't.

The leadership of the APS recently rewrote
the student standard of conduct.

Students had been required to model and promote
the Pillars of Character Counts
for more than a decade.

They no longer are;

by the deliberate, and considered, and secret decision
of the leadership of the APS.


Joseph Lopez said...

I can't tell you how much I am disgusted by this brazen and successful attempt to make our children less ethical, and thereby more controlable.

Do the APS Good Ole' Boys want more undereducated and morally ignorant underlings to make into day time sex slaves?

Do Modral and Sperling want APs administrators and students to be dumb as sheep so they can continue to fleece them?

Is Upton Sinclair's Jungle topical once again? Have we gone back to Robber Barons who screw other people's wives and Tyrants who make you do as they want by saying they will fire you if they don't? Plenty more where your uneducated butt came from, son.

I think so.

Anonymous said...

That last comment might be more accurate than we think.
We had pervo-the-sub running around elementaries in APS, even after getting caught. I can personally assure you he's not the only wierdo sub...I've encountered others.
And what about 3 principles accused of alleged sexual conduct? One returned back to the elementary school after 3 weeks investigation, I believe? At any rate, he/she should have at least been transferred...but no, let the kids fear and let the parents worry.. after all public servants from APS rule in this town, seemingly.
Thanks for all you do. It really is an atrocious situation, always ongoing.
--An APS Instructor