Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kari Brandenburg, On Her Way Out

Kari Brandenburg is facing some competition in the upcoming
election; Lisa Torraco; link

Both ladies were on Jim Villanucci's show in response to the
public out roar over Brandenburg's decision to prosecute the
good guy in a recent shooting.

was asked on air, why she won't close the
investigation into public corruption and criminal conspiracy
in the leadership of the APS (police department).

Brandenburg denied that the case is over a year old; and
added that, the case is not a simple one, and it will require
additional investigation(s).

This is news.

There were two investigations of Peanut Butter Gate;

In one investigation, the leadership of the APS investigated
itself. In the other, an impartial private investigator was
hired, ostensibly to ferret out the truth. That report contains
the names of the guilty parties, and their crimes.

Neither APS, nor the District Attorney, will confirm that
APS gave both investigative reports to the DA.

The second report has been kept secret from stakeholders
since the beginning. It still is, even in violation of the law;
the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

And now Brandenburg says she still doesn't know enough
of the facts to decide whether or not crimes were committed.

Brandenburg appears to be saying that Peanut Butter Gate
is an even bigger scandal than the leadership of the APS
has admitted to.

Brandenburg can be counted on to continue to hide the
truth at least through the hiring of Linda Sink,
as APS' next superintendent.

It wouldn't look good for the good ol' boys if all this
came up while the public was paying attention to the
leadership of the APS and their sham search for someone
with the "skill set" to continue to hide the truth
from stakeholders for ever.

The stakes could not be higher in the search for
Beth Everitt's successor.

The new superintendent will either institutionalize
meaningful standards of conduct and competence,
and then enforce those standards on everyone from students
to superintendents;

or Linda Sink will be hired to continue the reign
of the good ol' boys who run the APS.

APS Modrall will continue to get fat,
through expensive litigation against the public interest,
to maintain an environment conducive to squandering the
public trust and treasure;

  • no transparency,
  • no standards of either conduct or competence, and
  • no accountability for senior administrators and board members.

The stakes could not be higher.

And stakeholders can not look to the media

Thomas Lang, Kent Walz, Michelle Donaldson,
Thomas Pearl, and Sue Stephens,

for any help at all.

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