Friday, March 16, 2007

Why APS can't fire Gil Lovato

Recollect every firing of an APS senior administrator;
which of them did not leave with a bootfull of cash;
even though they were in fact, fired?

Tax dollars were used to buy their body maps.

There are accountability issues in the leadership of the APS;
misconduct and incompetence have been covered up.
Covering up misconduct
and dodging accountability
for misconduct,
are part and parcel; the one is the other.

"Covering up" is a relative term; it's hard to bury a body
except that someone else knows where it is buried; and
that person earns an "X" to place on their own body map.
Sometimes a burial requires the assistance of a burial party;
and they all get another X on their map.

One doesn't arrive in senior administration without a map
with a number of Xs. The more powerful one is; the more Xs
on their map; and the more the map is worth upon "retirement".

Up until now, body maps were legal tender,
even under circumstances which warranted a firing.

Gil Lovato's body map is worth a bundle;
he knows where all of the bodies are buried.

Lovato won't get to sell his map because he was denied the
open court hearing that makes it so valuable.

Because taxpayers are paying closer attention to public servants spending public resources in their own interests; it will be difficult for the leadership of the APS to buy Lovato's map, right before an audit which will reveal all of the maps that have been purchased with public resources, and against public interest.

There is no way that the leadership of the APS can hand over a bunch of cash to Lovato without drawing unwanted attention to the exchange; even with the overt cooperation of the Journal and the Trib.

Hiding the movement of that many taxpayer dollars may be impossible to do; especially at the same time they are trying to avert an honest audit by drawing attention away from the the obvious need for an audit.

The public will continue not to be told, what ever it is that the leadership of the APS doesn't want told, about the Lovato investigation. even though the public has a right to know the truth;

and Lovato will remain on paid administrative leave.

It's kind of like being fired;
except that you make a few hundred bucks a day.

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