Saturday, May 31, 2008

Analoptosis; a bona fide medical condition.

It prevents those afflicted from seeing at all
that which can be seen easily by others
even in adverse lighting.

The condition is easily diagnosed with 100% accuracy;
ask the patient, familiar with the circumstances,
any one of the following three questions;

  1. Can you see the need for an aggressive full scale audit of the entire leadership of the APS?
  2. Can you see that NM1 Congressional candidate Darren White covering up the felony criminal abuse of his NCIC data base by senior APS Administrators?
  3. Can you see that District Attorney Kari Brandenburg covering up felony criminal misconduct by senior APS administrators?

If the patient answers no, and can offer no further
explanation or defense of their observation;

they are afflicted, beyond reasonable doubt.

There is no apparent cure.

link; image; typical analoptotic

Those who make civility in revolution impossible;
make incivility in revolution inevitable.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy- derived

Hector Balderas; NM State Auditor for life?

State Auditor Hector Balderas offered to "sit down" with me
to discuss my concern that the leadership of the APS will
escape an honest and impartial forensic audit of;

  • an organization that never bothered to write down financially sound policies and procedures (according to the Meyners Audit),
  • never bound themselves to what policies and procedures that they did bother to write down (according to the Meyners Audit), and
  • who didn't keep adequate records on the spending of a billion tax dollars a year, (again according to the Meyners Audit).

For reasons largely unimaginable to anyone who has not
fallen victim to serious retaliation for blowing the whistle
on corrupt, incompetent, and powerful public servants,

I likely will not take him up on his offer to meet in person.

In every previous instance where I "talked" to people like
these, and created no incontrovertible public record,
the truth of the meeting, and of that which was discussed,
was twisted around by unscrupulous administrators,
board members, and their shyster lawyers from Modrall.

There is a reason why they avoid at all costs, the creation
of a public record of what they say and do.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg for example;
once offered to discuss on the phone, her failure act upon
credible evidence of felony criminal misconduct by
APS Administrators related to the scandal in the
APS Police Department; their Peanut Butter Gate,

and steadfastly refuses to answer a single legitimate
question, on/in an incontrovertible record.

I am reasonably, and perhaps unreasonably as well,
afraid of them, and what they can, and will, do to me,
rather than accept accountability for their conduct and
competence as public servants.

I am compelled to stay on the record, out of what I
perceive as a real need for self protection.

I will never, ever, again meet behind closed doors with
anyone in a position to do me harm. I have already
absorbed all of the harassment, retaliation, and abuse
that I am able.

Hector Balderas may be a fluke.

His record so far as the NM State Auditor, is of actually
divisions of public service; to wit; the current
audit of the NM Land Office;

apparently unafraid of letting the chips fall where they may.

Which does not bode well for future political aspirations.

Except as the people's auditor; able to run on his record
and unbeholden to anyone but voters and his conscience.

I understand that Mr. Balderas may be unwilling, and
perhaps unable, to make specific commitments, such as;
"I will, or will not, begin a full scale forensic audit
of the leadership of the APS by say; July 1.

"I will either begin such an audit, or I will attach
my name and my reputation to an assurance that
no public monies have been wasted or stolen due
to the utter lack of accountability in the leadership
of the APS."
He understands, I would hope, that those who have been
victimized by public corruption and incompetence their
entire lives; view any unwillingness at all to set a date
certain, as evidence of the beginning of yet another
cover up of powerful public servants and their sins.

It is my hope that Mr. Balderas recognizes the need
for him to stand on the record and make commitments
that cannot be then ignored.

If he does, he will be unique among New Mexico politicians
and public servants. He will earn the support the "little"
people, who will elect him over and over again.

He can be NM State Auditor for life.

cc Hector Balderas upon posting.

"Cop attacks photographer"

I have watched the video a few times,
Before I went to bed last night, I read most of the 700 plus
entries on KOB topix. link

(You really should read there for awhile;
posts now (1;30am) number 837.)

I have drawn some conclusions;

There were two men there,
one had a much greater responsibility than the other,
to keep his emotions in check;
and did not.

There are a number of people who side "blindly" with
the police, and a number who side just as blindly against
the police.

There are a lot of people in the middle, mostly locals,
who are genuinely afraid of their police department;
afraid of those who job it is to protect and serve.

Or if not afraid, have simply lost faith.

Those who know APS Police Chief Ray Schultz' name,
don't use it to express their confidence in him,
or in the department he heads.

There are a lot of people who no longer trust the media
in Albuquerque to tell them, or show them,
the whole truth.

I was reminded what it feels like when
a person with no power tries to hold someone powerful,
accountable for their conduct and competence.

Like I needed reminding.

The whole thing is so disturbing that I have been awakened
from a sound sleep, at 1:30am, by a nightmare;

... only to find I wasn't really "dreaming" at all.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow; do people hate APS or what?

I've been killing a little time on KOB's topix.

There are a lot of threads about APS, and very few people with anything nice to say.

Many vow to never vote yes on another bond issue or mill levy ever again.

One poster swore to campaign against any more taxes for APS.

At some point, don't they have to admit that they have a problem and it is only getting worse?

Just kidding; of course they don't.

They'll just hire themselves a few more Monica Armentas.

Public Forum is back on the Public Record

The agenda for the next board meeting, June 4, 2008 link
shows that the public forum has been moved back inside
the meeting itself.

This a monumental defeat of Paula Maes' interest in
preventing stakeholders from petitioning their government
on the record.

Comments made during the public forum will now be
on the public record of the board meeting, and presumably,
will be broadcast* to the community.

There is still a fly in the ointment however;
the forum has been moved to the middle of the meeting;
after "recognitions".

When it was at the beginning of the meeting, those people,
who normally show up only for the "recognitions" part of
the meetings, heard the comments.

Public forum nows begins after they,
and any news coverage that might have been in attendance,
have left the the board room.

better than nothing; and a clear, albeit small victory for
open government; and a clear, albeit small defeat
for Paula Maes, her arrogance, and her disrespect for
stakeholders, and their right to petition their government
eyeball to eyeball.

Please note, the agenda includes recognition for former
Deputy Supt. Tom "keep your mouths shut" Savage;

(for his successful efforts in keeping stakeholders in the dark
about the corruption and incompetence in the
APS Police and Finance Divisions, for as long as he did.)

* It is unclear, at least to me,
if board meetings are actually being broadcast to the community.

The broadcasts on TalNet, channel 96 have always been sketchy at best; often not being broadcast at all.

Supposedly, KANW is now "streaming"(?) the meetings in real time, and archiving the meetings on their website. However, I can find no indication on their website that any of this is actually taking place. KANW homepage link

It is also unclear whether or not the video broadcast is still supposed to be on TalNet.

Obviously, I have a little more research to do,
about which I am procrastinating because trying to find out anything at all about the APS is an exercise in frustration and futility.


The proximate result of any offer by Hector Balderas
of Honest to God protection for APS whistle blowers
in the event of an audit of the APS by the State Auditor.

... suggests one reader.

The APS Finance Division is no different from any other Division in the APS

I have been beating the drum for a decade and a half.

To the annoyance of many, it plays only one note;

No accountability in the leadership of the APS.
No accountability in the leadership of the APS.

No accountability in the leadership of the APS.

and now I have been vindicated.

The Meyners Audit has sounded the same note.

And unless you believe that the Finance Division is a fluke;
unless you believe it is only bad apple in the barrel;

every division in the APS suffers the same malady.

There is no honest accountability in any division
of the leadership of the APS.

There is no honest accountability in any division
of the leadership of the APS.

There is no honest accountability in any division
of the leadership of the APS.

If there were,
Monica Armenta
would have pointed it out long ago.
Really, she would have. Why wouldn't she?

Except that she can't?

There will never be another time
when the good ol' boys that run APS and Modrall,
will be more vulnerable.

Honest accountability
to meaningful standards of conduct and competence
in every division of the APS;

the Board of Education.

Why not?

... except to protect the corrupt and the incompetent
from accountability and consequences for their corruption
and for their incompetence?

A full scale forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS
is a threat to no one except the corrupt and the incompetent.

There is no downside
except for the corrupt, and the incompetent.

State Auditor Hector Balderas is apparently deaf.

If you hold any one of the 28 pages of the Meyner Audit
close to your ear; you will hear each and every line item
whisper; "there needs to be a full scale forensic audit."

If you hold the entire report to your ear;
1. APS Finance Division never wrote down financially sound policies and procedures, and
2. never required senior administrators to follow the few they did have, and
3. they never really kept very good books on the spending of a billion tax dollars a year

it screams;

"there needs to be a full scale forensic
audit of the entire leadership of the APS"

Balderas, who apparently can hear nothing, is doing nothing.

In a Journal article this morning, LINK sub req
Balderas is quoted on the audit he has ordered of the NM Land Office;
Citizens and taxpayers deserve to know whether or not "... the state of New Mexico and citizens are receiving a maximum benefit from their public resources."
Perhaps if it is written out for him;
Mr. Balderas,

Citizens and taxpayers deserve to know whether or not
they are receiving the maximum benefit from the
more than a billion dollars a year that they are
spending in the APS,
as well.

cc Hector Balderas upon posting.

State Auditor Balderas stepped up, on the record, almost immediately.
"I am disappointed that you would assume we are not
working on certain issues that have recently been
brought to my attention.
I would be glad to sit down with you.
I am fair and honest.
I respectfully ask that you be fair with me as well."
I responded;

I too, make every effort to be fair and honest;
and to hold myself accountable when I am not.

If my frustration has manifest itself unfairly (to you),
I owe you an apology, and I offer it without reservation.

I will feel better the day I read in the Journal,
about an impartial forensic audit of the APS, by your office.

I trust that that will be a day in the not too distant future.

I am grateful for your time and attention.

Elsy Fierro "demoted" to principalship

She will be the new principal at Marie Hughes Elementary.

To date, the leadership of the APS is still successful in their
efforts to deny her a public hearing; a hearing which Fierro
maintains would show her to be the scape goat in the APS
Grade Gate Scandal.

Fierro maintains that Beth Everitt escaped honest examination of her part in the grade change.

Not unlike every other senior administrator in the APS
each of which can also depend on escaping any real
accountability for their conduct and competence as
public servants.

and the beat goes on.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have reported Senator Pete Domenici to the FBI.

I have informed them that I believe a federal grant might have been secured under false pretenses, and that United States Senator Pete Domenici may have been complicit; if not in the fraud, then in the cover up.

As evidence of wrong doing I can offer only the following;

1. APS refuses to surrender an accounting of the spending of the grant, even in response to a request for public records filed under the auspices of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

2. APS refuses to surrender the identities of the membership of the APS Character Counts Leadership Council, under whose name I assume the grant was solicited.

It seems unlikely that if the council were legitimate, its membership would be secret. Secret leadership is oxymoronic, if nothing else.

3. Key figures in the Leadership Council, Paula Maes, Dee Dee Stroud, Carole Smith, and Toby Herrera have renounced their personal accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts as their standard of conduct and competence for even the few hours a day that they are among the most senior role models in the APS, of the student standard of conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts.

It seems unlikely as well, that the "leadership" council would count among its members, those who have renounced their accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts! It seems especially unlikely that if the council were legitimate, it would elect as its President, Paula Maes, who has participated personally in removing from the employee code of conduct (her own), any accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts.

4. The APS Character Counts website; and its record of doing absolutely nothing for years, has simply disappeared from the internet. Especially since both Dee Dee Stroud and Carole Smith are drawing salaries as Character Counts! functionaries.

5. United States Senator Pete Domenici, had steadfastly refused to offer any defense, explanation, or even acknowledgment of the monumental hypocrisy that is APS Character Counts!

This is most difficult to explain considering the fact that Pete Domenici is a bona fide founding father of Character Counts! and has every reason in the world, to intervene in the rape of his "found" child, by Paula Maes, et al.

6. I have been arrested by the APS Police Department
on five occasions, illegally, rather than allow me my right
to demand, on the record, some explanation of the
abdication of the leadership of the APS, as role models
of the student standard of conduct.

A standard that they violated, and continue to violate,
by stonewalling the issue.

So far the FBI offers little hope.

I can understand, I guess, that hiding evidence,
even in violation of the NMIPRA, is not itself,
evidence of criminal misconduct.

They wouldn't be hiding something,
if there is nothing to hide.
But hiding something doesn't prove there is something to hide.

Kind of a catch 22, as it were.

To the rest of us, it would seem that
where there is smoke
there is fire.

Why is selling diamonds and gold?

I went to the national site for Character Counts! and clicked
on a link for Character Counts! of Albuquerque
and ended up here; LINK

and am now wondering why they are pimping diamonds
and wholesale jewelry.

... the thick plottens.

If Public Service were actually accountable to voters

If public corruption and incompetence were accountable at

why is there still public corruption and incompetence?

Assuming that the most blatantly corrupt and incompetent
public servants can actually be removed at election,

(and the names Manny Aragon and Rebecca Vigil-Giron
come to mind as proof of the converse)

Isn't is time to consider the reality?

Institutional corruption and incompetence
is not eliminated by eliminating individual
corruption and incompetence.

Corrupt and incompetent public servants
are not the same thing as institutional corruption and

Eliminating the one,
does not eliminate the other.

And further,

the fact that public corruption and incompetence still exist;
is proof positive, that in the entire history of mankind

We have never elected anyone who could end or
who would end institutional corruption and incompetence
once and for all.

Voters have never been offered, nor will they ever be offered
a thumbs up or down on annual aggressive forensic auditing
of public servants and of public service;

the only proof of honest accountability to real standards
of conduct and competence in public service.

There is no equivalent gesture.

Accountability is fatal to corruption and incompetence.

Accountability is fatal to the corrupt and incompetent.

The corrupt and the incompetent in public service
will never hand the stick to stakeholders
that can be used to beat them over the head.


Why would they?

Q. Why do some people still believe that someday they will?

A. see; Asshat

(note to whomever the image belongs;
I have used the image without your permission, simply because
I have no idea who you are, or how I would get in contact with you.)

Vigil-Giron failed to keep records on 3 million tax dollars

according to an article in the Journal. link sub req

APS failed to keep records on more than a Billion dollars;
according to the Meyners Audit.

How can this be?

Why are public servants not accountable for their conduct and competence?

When will taxpayers decide that enough is enough?

Senator Pete Domenici tied to Character Counts Swindle

Senator Pete Domenici steadfastly refuses to use his
considerable influence to shed light on the apparent
Character Counts! swindle involving some of the highest
ranking members of the leadership of the
Albuquerque Public Schools.

The story begins in 1993. Senator Domenici and 49 other
of some of the most respected individuals in the country met
with Michael Josephson in Aspen Colorado.

Together they pounded out the principles of
Character Counts!, which has since emerged as a nationally
recognized, accepted, and respected model of character
education, and a code of ethical conduct.

In 1994, the APS Board of Education unanimously adopted
Character Counts! as the model for character education, and
the Pillars of Character Counts became the student standard
of conduct.

At the time, there was language in the employee code
of conduct which read;

In no case shall the standard of conduct for adults
be lower than the standard of conduct for students.
That statement iterated the most fundamental premise of
role modeling, and established the requirement for adults,
including senior administrators and board members, and
their lawyers
to hold themselves accountable to an ethical
standard of conduct.

During my litigation against the leadership of the APS,
I repeatedly argued that their lawyers from the
Modrall Law were routinely violating their standard of
ethical conduct.

The leadership of the APS responded by striking language
from their own code of conduct which required recognition
of an ethical standard of conduct. The leadership of the APS
is now unaccountable to any standard of conduct that uses
the word "ethical". The truth is that they cannot produce a
record of accountability even to the law; the lowest
standard of acceptable conduct in civilized societies.

side bar;
I have always believed that if stakeholders knew
the truth, if they knew that the leadership of the APS had
struck the language from their own code of conduct that
required them (contractually) to be role models of the
student standard of conduct, that they would be outraged.
And further, that that public outrage would have resulted
in their (contractual) re-assumption of their responsibilities
as role models.

The local media, in particular, the Journal and Tribune,
steadfastly refused to report the situation to stakeholders.
I begged Senator Pete Domenici to stand up and defend his
"founding child",
Character Counts!, from the actions of the
leadership of the APS.

He steadfastly refused to do anything to bring public attention
to the problem. In fairness to the Senator, one can never
actually communicate directly with a United States Senator.
Communications are intercepted by subordinates like
Lisa Breeden. It is entirely possible that she kept the
Senator from learning the truth. She happens to be a member
of the
Character Counts Leadership Council and had reason
to hide the truth from the Senator for reasons that will be
outlined later in this post.
I expected that as a founding father of Character Counts!,
the Senator would step up to defend it.
He did not, and apparently, he will not.

Now we come to the issue of a federal grant of some $50K.
$50K is a guess, because the leadership of the APS
steadfastly refuses to surrender any public records about
the grant, even in violation of the law;
the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

It would appear that in order to receive the federal grant,
a grant that Domenici was instrumental in securing,
a "leadership council" was created.

The leadership council was headed by Paula Maes.
In addition to being the president of the leadership council,
Maes is also the head honcha on the APS Board of Education.
She is married to the president of the Modrall Law Firm,
which does millions of dollars worth of business with the
APS and which steadfastly refuses to surrender to public
knowledge, the records of their financial relationship with the
Albuquerque Public Schools.

The membership of the Character Counts! Leadership Council has been kept secret for years. APS will not produce any records that they ever met for any purpose. The council is apparently a sham whose purpose was to secure the federal grant. In response to requests for a record of how the money was spent, APS steadfastly refuses to surrender any public records; again in violation of the law, and with the help of the Modrall Law Firm and their large bore pipeline to unwitting taxpayer support of "education".

Senator Domenici (Lisa Breeden) refuses to answer any questions about the grant, or the Senator's role in securing it.

On its face, we have public servants securing and spending public money, while refusing to answer any questions about themselves or their activities, and enjoying the cover of a United States Senator.

There is no good and ethical reason, that I can imagine, that
the Senator would not be acting aggressively in exposing
public corruption involving his name and his "founding child"
despite an overwhelming record of looking like a duck,
walking like a duck, and quacking like a duck;

He has steadfastly refused to intervene in the rape of
his child; Character Counts!.

If the Senator had any other explanation at all,
other than his personal corruption and/or incompetence,

why will he not offer it to stakeholders?

The question is not rhetorical.

cc. Pete Domenici (Lisa Breeden) upon posting.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The District Court "Case Look Up" works for Danny Moon now.

and I am able to furnish more accurate information on the

As a character reference. Pete Domenici leaves a lot to be desired.

Pete Domenici has stepped up as a character reference for
NM 1 Congressional Candidate Darren White in a speech in
Los Ranchos (Albuquerque, NM).

The immediate problem is that Senator Pete Domenici's
own character has been called in question; a question that
he continues to duck.

There has been apparent corruption in an Albuquerque
Public Schools, Character Counts! Leadership Council.

It has become readily apparent that the local council was
formed for the purpose of securing a federal grant of some

The apparent corruption stems from the fact that all of the
pertinent details of the council and the grant are being kept
secret from stakeholders;

  • the names of the council members have been kept secret
  • the details of the grant have been kept secret
  • the President of the Character Counts! Leadership Council, one Paula Maes has publicly excepted herself from actual accountability to the Pillars of Character Counts, despite the fact that as the President of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education, she was the senior most role model of the Pillars, which represent the student standard of conduct in the APS
  • Carole Smith, paid to administer the Character Counts!program in the Albuquerque Public Schools has refused to answer any questions about the Council, about the grant money, where it went, and how it was spent.
When Senator Domenici is asked, repeatedly, to respond to the allegations of Character Counts! corruption, he simply ignores the requests.

Senator Domenici is a bona fide founding father of
Character Counts!; albeit a dead beat founding father.

What good and ethical reason would there be for him to
ignore the allegations, except that they are true?

In the end, there is really only one reason to hide the truth.

In the end, it would appear that Darren White does not gain
much in a way of character reference from a man lacking the
character to shine any light at all on the dealings of the local
Character Counts! Leadership Council and the circumstances
under which they got their hands on 50K tax dollars.

Darren White and Pete Domenici are birds of a feather;

birds sans the character or the courage to tell the truth.

US Senator Pete Domenici thinks Darren White is a man of character.


If Darren White were a man of character, would there not be
evidence of his character?

Character cannot be assumed; it cannot be assigned, even by
a sitting United States Senator. It is not the result of benefit
of the doubt. It must be proven.

Can anyone offer evidence of Darren White's character?

The most often cited example of Darren White's supposed
character was his resignation from Governor Gary Johnson's
administration over a contrived philosophical disagreement
over the decriminalization of marijuana.

The alleged philosophical disagreement simply does not
ring true, since White had previously advocated the position
advanced by Governor Johnson.

It has since been revealed that the philosophical chasm was
invented as cover for the fact that White had recently
received an overwhelming defeat in a vote of confidence
taken among his subordinates in the NM State Police.

Ironically, the vote of no confidence could have been used
by Darren White to demonstrate some real character;

all White had to do was stand on the record and accept
the fact that he had made mistakes; personal arrogance and
showboating, that cost him the confidence of his troops.

It is funny how telling the truth doesn't come back to visit
the teller nearly so often as the failure to tell the truth.

Darren White linked to Iglesias firing.

Blogger Joe Monahan dropped a political bombshell on
Darren White's campaign this morning.

Monahan provided a link to the The Public Record wherein
it was revealed that Darren White played an active roll in
the firing of David Iglesias.

True to form, according to Monahan,
Darren White refused to comment for the web site.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Former APS Charter School Superintendent and Principal, Danny Moon's 64 count felony indictment

If you go to the "case look up" for the 2nd Judicial District;
LINK and accept the disclaimer, then search using the case
number;D 0202 CR 0200802437

you will find the list of felony indictments against one
Danny Moon and dates that are apparently the dates of his
criminal activity; "alleged" criminal activity. ha!

count 1 racketeering
counts 2-4 fraud
counts 5-17 fraudulent use of a credit card
count 18 fraud
count 19 conspiracy fraud
count 20 fraud
count 21 conspiracy fraud
count 22-59 making or permitting false public voucher
count 60-63 fraud
count 64 embezzlement

I understand that Danny Moon was obviously indicted for
misconduct other than his student "ghosting" scheme,
and only some of these counts may apply to that.

But if some of these counts stem from "ghosting", why are
his fellow administrators, Bruce Smith and Bettina Eklund,
who must have known about the student "ghosting" scheme,
not being indicted as well?

Perhaps they cut a deal with the DA.

Perhaps they rolled over on Moon,
not to protect the public interests,
but in order to save their own necks.

The kind of people we're dealing with; APS Custodian of Public Records, Rigo Chavez

Pursuant to an ongoing request for public records, I sent Rigo Chavez an email.

Before Rigo Chavez could open the email, he had to respond
to a return receipt request; to acknowledge that he had
received the email.

I have confirmed in a follow up phone conversation that
Rigo Chavez did in fact open the email, but chose not to
create a record that he had.

In other words, as far as the record is concerned;

"He didn't open the email,
nobody saw him open the email;
and most importantly,
no one can prove that he opened the email.

Bart Simpson, derived

When I asked him why, he replied;
"I just don't do that".
When I pressed him for some manner of explanation as to
why he was unwilling to create a candid, forthright, and
honest record of the correspondence;

his reply was again;
"I just don't do that."
I find it disturbing that when the leadership of the APS
is asked why they chose not to be candid, forthright and
honest with stakeholders, their response is;
"We just don't do that."
It's just not the way they roll.

The best advice to stakeholders;
"Trust that man in nothing,
who lacks conscience in anything"


cc Rigo Chavez, upon posting.

Darren White; the only major NM Congress hopeful to stay "dark".

according to blogger Joe Monahan.

Staying dark means drawing no attention to himself;
or to his failure to offer a candid, forthright and honest
response to circumstances involving the felony criminal
abuse of the NCIC data base entrusted to White by the FBI,

and then used by senior APS administrators to harass and
intimidate a whistle blower, and to do the most sophisticated
background check possible, on the girl friend of APS senior
administrator, Tom Savage;

among others.

APS put student SS#s on the internet.

In a story buried deep in the Journal, it was revealed that
student records, including their student ID numbers were
openly available on the internet for four months.

My information comes from the Journal and from my viewing
of a report on KOAT TV which included an interview with
the infamous Monica Armenta.

I am relying on my memory of viewing the report.
The report was not archived and cannot be linked.

Monica Armenta denied that student social security
numbers were posted on the internet, although KOAT's
investigative team reported student numbers beginning
with 585 (and another three digit prefix that I do not recall,)
that correspond to social security numbers assigned to
those born in New Mexico.

There is nothing on the APS website of course, and KOAT
chose not to provide access to the report, to viewers.

My request for more information from Mary Lynn Roper's
KOAT TV was ignored.

cc upon posting; Monica Armenta, Mary Lynn Roper

Former APS Principal/Superintendent Indicted, Finally

It has been more than four years since the whistle was
blown on the shenanigans at APS' Charter Vocational High

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg has finally taken the
evidence to a grand jury; which in short order, handed down
a number of felony indictments against the former Principal
and Superintendent, Danny Moon.

Brandenburg offered no explanation for the unfortunate
delay; unfortunate for taxpayers who know that the longer
a case is delayed, the less likely that anyone will ever be
convicted; memories fade, witnesses move away or die,
records get "misplaced" or "accidentally shredded".

This is not the case about which I have been writing;
a case where Brandenburg has been sitting on evidence
of felony criminal abuse of the NCIC data based assigned
to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, and Sheriff
Darren White
by senior APS administrators.

The case are tangentially related; one of the victims of the
criminal invasion of privacy, was the gentleman who blew
the whistle on the misconduct at the charter high school.

The invasion of his privacy was apparently part of an effort
to harass and retaliate against Joseph H Lopez, who was
afforded the supposed protection afforded whistle blowers.

The retaliation against Lopez included a near fatal beating
by students who were then given preferential treatment
by Moon at the high school, according to Lopez.

I know Joseph Lopez, and I know Danny Moon.

Danny Moon would imho, benefit greatly from a few years
in prison, there to contemplate on the matter of the
gaping asshole his parents raised.

Joseph Lopez would benefit greatly from the truth being
laid on the table, even after these many years.

But that is unlikely as District Attorney Kari Brandenburg
appears to be solidly supporting the efforts of the leadership
of the APS to the effort to keep the whole scandal secret
from public knowledge, at least until the evidence disappears,
all of the witnesses move away or die, and

after Darren White manages to get himself "appointed"
to congress.

It is uncertain how long Brandenburg can sit on the evidence
of the felony criminal abuse of Darren White's NCIC data
base; but if the case of the felony fraud at APS' Charter
Vocational High School
is any indicator;

Brandenburg may take the evidence to the grand jury in
February 2011; a delay which neither she nor anyone
else can justify by any good and ethical reasoning.

The indictments were announced on KRQE TV.

Michelle Donaldson's news division did not archive the
report so I cannot provide a link to readers. The local
news archiving service did not reply to my request for
information on how I might retrieve a copy from them.

cc upon posting; Michelle Donaldson, Kari Brandenburg

Monday, May 26, 2008

Meyners + Co will fix most of the problems in the APS Financial Division

It isn't rocket science.

The leadership of the APS needs;

  • written, and financially sound policies and procedures
  • they need to follow those polices and procedures
  • and they need to start keeping records of the spending of a billion tax dollars a year.
The problem is that Meyners + Co, is going to be paid
a great deal of money to accomplish that end
without naming a single administrator

who is responsible for the fact that there are not currently,
  • written, financially sound policies and procedures, and that
  • the policies and procedures they have, have not been followed, and that
  • they have not been keeping adequate records.

Meyners + Co. will do their work without identifying
a single administrator or board member who has
benefited criminally from their failure to protect public
resources from graft and corruption.

That is why we still need a full scale forensic audit;

to make sure that those who stole or wasted our money,
are not allowed to simply except themselves from the
consequences of their corruption and their incompetence.

Allowing Tom Savage to simply retire
just doesn't get it.

There is not a single administrator or board member in the entire APS

who does not have guilty knowledge of corruption and incompetence.

Guilty knowledge meaning;

they know of corruption and incompetence and have
failed to act upon that knowledge in order to rectify
the situation.
No one, and I mean no one,

has ever offered an alternative explanation for their failure
except their personal corruption and/or cowardice.

There is a standing offer for anyone to post an alternative
explanation. I have begged for such an explanation.

No one has offered it, no one will.

Not even Monica Armenta,
who has had the question on her desk for more than a year

and who is paid, and paid well,
to provide exactly such an explanation.

One does not exist.

The role modeling of the leadership of the APS
is of incompetence, corruption and hypocrisy.

And if we wanted our 90,000 of our sons and daughters to
grow up to embrace hypocrisy, corruption and cowardice,
there would be no problem.

But we don't;
and so there is.

Memorial Day

The least we can do for those who defend our interests
in fights in far corners of the world;

is to defend their interests here at home in their absence;

... to cover their "six" in ways considerably more concrete
than simply "remembering" their courageous sacrifices.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The leaderhip of the APS will not engage

in a candid, forthright, and honest discussion of;

  1. administrative role modeling of the student standard of conduct.
  2. administrative standards of conduct, competency, and accountability
  3. the need for an immediate aggressive forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS

The inevitable outcome of such discussions would be;
  1. Administrators would find themselves honestly accountable as role models of the standards of conduct and competence that they enforce upon students and staff; and,
  2. There would be meaningful standards of conduct and competence, and those standards would be enforced by a system powerful enough to hold them accountable even against their will; and,
  3. There would be an immediate audit that would identify by name, every administrator and board member who had betrayed the public trust with their corruption and their incompetence.
They are permitted the luxury of refusing to entertain a candid, forthright and honest discussion of legitimate issues by;
  1. their arrogance, and by
  2. the failure of stakeholders to rise in opposition, and by
  3. the media*, which is keeping the story from stakeholders.
I blame the leadership of the APS for their arrogance, and for their abuse and betrayal of the public trust;

I blame the local media for the fact that so few stakeholders know the truth, and are thereby denied their right to defend their interests in their public schools.

In particular, I blame;
* Thomas H Lang,
Kent Walz,
Michelle Donaldson,

Mary Lynn Roper,
Rhonda Aubrey

What NM1 Congressional Candidate Darren White is not telling voters, is;

The truth about his response to the criminal abuse of the
NCIC data base on his watch.

It is a legitimate question because his response was
as a public servant
; within public service.

And voters have a right to know what he did,
and didn't.

He had an obligation to the public, to respond in their interests.

I am alleging that instead, he responded in his own interests
and in the interests of the leadership of the APS.

I am alleging that he is part of a cover up of felony criminal misconduct.

Misconduct which to this day, has not resulted in criminal indictment, prosecution, or even honest acquittal.

I am a voter stakeholder.

I have a right to ask a legitimate questions about the use and
abuse of power and resources that belong fundamentally to me
(and every other stakeholder).

Darren White has a responsibility to answer.
He has every obligation to answer.

And the only reason he won't is because
he is damned by the truth.

As are District Attorney Kari Brandenburg,
School Board honcha Paula Maes, the Modrall Law Firm,
and most of the senior leadership of the APS;
including sitting school board members.

So Darren White and they, will continue to stonewall.

And media will continue to cover his ass, and theirs.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monica Armenta can't spin the facts

Winston Brooks will not engage in a candid, forthright, and
honest discussion of

  • administrative role modeling, or of
  • administrative ethics and accountability, or of
  • an immediate full scale forensic audit.
because he has no intention of;
  • being honestly accountable as a role model, or of
  • participating in an honest discussion of administrative ethics and accountability, or of
  • conducting an immediate forensic audit.
Monica Armenta can't spin the truth,
because the truth is worse than the deception,
and there just isn't any way to spin it any differently.

If anyone could, she could.

Isn't that why they're are paying her $400 a day to be the
APS Executive Director of Communications?


Her only hope is to keep it secret from stakeholders;

an interest that is shared by Paula Maes' and Armenta's
buddies in the media;

Thomas J Lang, Kent Walz, Mary Lynn Roper,
Michelle Donaldson, and Rhonda Aubrey.

... a conspiracy theory that I find ridiculous ..."

That's what Mario Burgos thinks of my "theory".

  • The leadership of the APS handles a billion dollars a year without rules, without accountability and without keeping records. (Meyners Audit)
  • Neither APS nor Meyners will affirm that any evidence of criminal misconduct has been, or will be, forwarded to law enforcement for prosecution.
  • The APS Finance Division is now headed by an employee who had guilty knowledge of the problems in the division and did not report them.
  • The new Director of the Internal Audit Division is an employee who had guilty knowledge of the problems in the division, and did not report them.
  • They refuse to disclose the amount of money that they have spent at 6400 Uptown Blvd. The especially will not surrender an honest accounting of the money they spend building a board room instead of fire proofing classrooms.
  • They refuse to disclose the amount of money that Modrall makes off taxpayers and the APS; even in violation of the law. The amount is so large, that it precipitated an increase in the premiums paid by the APS for their insurance.
  • They have deliberately and methodically rewritten board policy in order that they are no longer accountable to any standard of conduct other than the law; abdicating as the senior most role models of the student standard of ethical conduct.
  • They struck from their own code of conduct;
    "In no case shall the standards of conduct for adults be lower than the standard for students."
  • They have removed the public forum from the public record;
  • after having falsified the public record of board meetings broadcast to the community
  • There is credible evidence of felony criminal misuse of Darren White's NCIC data base by members of the leadership of the APS.
  • The evidence has been hidden from public knowledge by Darren White and the leadership of the APS; both of whom refuse to surrender as much of the truth as the law allows; and honest accountability to any standard of ethical conduct requires.
  • The board recently rewrote its Code of Ethics. It does not contain the word ethics, except in the title. It is by their own admission, completely unenforceable.
  • They cannot fire a senior administrators without giving them a few hundred thousand dollars in hush money. Sam Bregman and Gil Lovato said if the truth about the leadership of the APS was ever made public, there would not be a single senior administrator left standing.
  • An investigation of the corruption in the APS Police Department was performed by an impartial private investigator. There is every reason to believe that the report would have included felony criminal misconduct, public corruption and criminal conspiracy.
  • That report was given to District Attorney Kari Brandenburg. I say that, despite the fact that neither APS nor Brandenburg will confirm or deny that the report was surrendered to law enforcement.
  • Brandenburg has been sitting on the evidence for more than a year. All she had to do was read it and determine if the criminal misconduct warranted prosecution. Brandenburg has steadfastly refused to surrender what truth the law allows. She refuses even to cite the "billable hours" in her "investigation".
  • They refuse a forensic audit. (Paula Maes, on the record)
  • The local media will cover none of this. Coincidently, Paula Maes is the President of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association.

And there you have it; my "conspiracy theory."

I think all of this warrants
an aggressive full scale forensic audit

of the entire leadership of the APS.

Mario Burgos thinks I wrap my head with tinfoil.

After an exchange of emails with Mario Burgos

I have come to the conclusion that he is not much bothered
by stonewalling.

He finds it acceptable that when Darren White is asked for
the truth about the APS BCSO scandal;

White's response is to stonewall; to pretend that he
hasn't heard the question.

I can't help but wonder how different things might be,
if only stonewalling was not acceptable;

if public servants had to actually respond to legitimate
questions about their public service;

candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

Remember when they used to slam the door in Larry Barker's
face rather than answer his questions.

Remember when that's what they had to do?
Now he doesn't even ask.

When APS administrators used BCSO resources to harass whistle blowers

the buck stopped on Darren White's desk.

He is not honest enough,
to admit even that much.

Darren White's dishonesty remains unchallenged by his opponents

No one seems to be too worked up over the fact that
Darren White will not respond honestly to questions about
his conduct and competence as a public servant.

Which makes one wonder, are they as unwilling as he
to agree to be candid, forthright, and honest in their
responses to legitimate questions about their conduct and
competence as public servants?

Is there no candidate in any party who will step up and
respond honestly to any/all legitimate questions?

What more proof do voters need, that they have lost control
over power and resources that are fundamentally their own,

than public servants who refuse to answer questions about
the fate of that power and of those resources?

What more proof do you need, that
Darren White
is untrustworthy,
than his no comment.

"Ethical reform" is nonsense

in the absence of an agreed upon Code of Ethics,
and honest accountability to that standard.

Anything less, is a baby step in the right direction.

Public servants are supposed to be accountable to
a "higher standard of conduct".

In truth, they are not even accountable to the law;
the lowest standard of acceptable conduct.

Joe Carraro; "guilty" of too much disclosure

Kent Walz, in a Journal editorial, joined Mario Burgos
in pointing out that Carraro created a paper trail of his
dealings with Real Turf, easily available to stakeholders.

And therefore must be guilty of "something".

Darren White, in stark contrast, is doing everything he can
to keep the paper trail of the APS BCSO corruption hidden
from voter stakeholders.

And receives no attention to his stonewalling from Walz or

Apparently, in New Mexico, honesty is a political liability,
which goes a long way toward explaining why our
government is so corrupt.

No one, not Darren White, not Kent Walz, and not Burgos
can articulate any defense White's hiding of the ethically
redacted truth.

Which is apparently OK, because in New Mexico elections
honesty doesn't really play.

And people wonder why we are 49th in everything.

PS the Journal did not print Carraro's response to the front page article, which cast doubt on his integrity, but never identified anything that he had actually done that was illegal, or even unethical.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meyners + Co reads D6

Meyners + Co prepared the Meyners Audit.

That was the audit that revealed that all of the tax dollars
that flow through the APS each year;
more than a billion in number;

were spent by a Finances Division that never

  • had written and financially sound policies and procedures, and
  • who didn't enforce what procedures they did have, and
  • did business with vendors who benefited from this arrangement so lucratively, that they were able to pop for the administrative soirĂ©e at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.
oh, and
  • they didn't keep adequate records of any of it.
With a billion three lying on the table relatively unguarded
it is a safe bet that some went missing.

And an aggressive forensic audit would identify by name,
those who took advantage of the public trust.

Oh, but,
  • Paula Maes and the Modrall say that there's no way that they will stand for an honest audit.

Meyners + Co prepared the audit for the leadership of the APS;

an audit that revealed corruption and incompetence,
but not one single name to be held accountable.

They are to be paid a great deal of money to fix the damage that is done. They will do it without naming the name of any of the good ol' boys.

Meyners + Co
are not working for the public,
they report directly to the people who's corruption and
incompetence is under "scrutiny".

no one from the leadership of the APS, or from Meyners + Co,
has admitted to any legal obligation
to report criminal misconduct to anyone except the criminals;

and Modrall.

"Should there be an aggressive forensic audit of the APS" would be the best show Jim Villanucci ever had

He could, if he chose to,

arrange to have a few thousand people to show up at a board meeting, and not leave until an aggressive forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS is under way.

Thereby ending corruption and incompetence in the
administration of the public trust and treasure in the APS
for ever.

Imagine the tax savings.

Imagine the test scores.

Imagine the graduation rates.

Imagine public trust and confidence in the leadership of the APS restored.

If you think the show will ever air,
you can imagine as well that
there actually are eight servings in a bag of mint milanos.

Diogenes' six is coming up on 25,000 hits

Not many in the overall scheme of things. But hey.

I get around a hundred hits a day.

A lot are from California and places distant.

I figure about half of them are somebody or the others'
lawyers; who together, give the other 1/2% of lawyers
a really bad name.

Some are local stakeholders, who seem to appreciate.

Sometimes it feels like we are getting close;

the rest of the time I feel like the dumb ass farmer,

inexplicably bound

to take the leadership of the APS to meet their
3:10 to "accountability".

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg will see some scrutiny, as well.

Kari Brandenburg is another who is running for re-election.

Another who is covering up for the leadership of the APS.

She is sitting on evidence of criminal misconduct involving
senior APS administrators and Darren White's criminal
data base.

It works to Darren White's advantage if Kari Brandenburg
can keep the truth from voter stakeholders until
after his election.

Because she has been sitting on the evidence for so long,

her interests are served by sitting on it for ever.

At the very minimum; through her re-election.

Oh, and,

Paula Maes will be up for re-election soon.

Is that a hoot, or what?

With school ending, this is the last of my weekly messages.

APS Superintendent Linda Sink.

Bummer. Her weekly messages were always
more informative than Monica Armenta's weekly messages.
(Don't search, I was kidding; there really is no such thing)

Bummer also,
that she thinks the only interest that stakeholders have
in the APS is her upbeat review of some real
accomplishments here or there.

Which bets a question;
Will Winston Brooks do anything in the way of a weekly
communication with stakeholders?

I'm thinkin' I doubt it.

I have been accused of being a Joe Carraro "supporter"

I believe that my record does not reflect my endorsement of Joe Carraro.

In circumstances where I felt I knew enough to venture an opinion, I found myself applauding Joe Carraro's efforts to get the truth, or a debate, on the record;

in opposition to someone else; usually Darren White,
who was trying to keep truth and debate off of the record.

I expect that Joe Carraro will be the only candidate on
the ballot who has any real record
of trying to lay the inconvenient truth on the table.

In which case, I will vote for him without reservation.

Mario Burgos gets same offer as Frank

I'll send twenty dollars to the charity of Mario Burgos' choice;

if he can articulate even one good and ethical reason that
Darren White should not respond candidly, forthrightly, and
honestly to the following circumstances;

  • Darren White watches over an NCIC data base. There are very strict rules and laws about who gets to use it and why; and
  • those rules and laws were violated by senior APS administrators in an effort to harass whistle blowers and to do criminal background checks on among others, Tom Savage's girl friend; and
  • though there were thorough investigations done; the results of those investigations have been kept unjustifiably secret by among others; Darren White, in order to protect the crimes and identities of a number of senior APS administrators.
Darren White has not, and will not offer an ethically redacted
truth to stakeholders and voters.

And my challenge to Darren White supporter and blogger,
Mario Burgos, is that he offer even one good and ethical
reason why Darren White should not have to
explain these circumstances to voters

... candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

Spoken language was invented to articulate the rules

and for as long as human beings have been talking
they have been talking about the rules.

The one thing that they never really established
was that they would actually have to obey the rules.

The first rule is;

you have to obey the rules.

The next development in human communication
following immediately upon the positing of the first rule, was
legal weaselry.

Legal weaselry;
the mechanism by which powerful people self except
themselves from accountability to the rules.

... even for the eight measly hours a day that they are
public servants, and entrusted with control over
all of our power and resources.

Why not;
meaningful standards of conduct and competence
enforceable even against the will of even the most
powerful and corrupt public servants?

Why not? ??

The question is not rhetorical.

Why NOT root out public corruption with aggressive forensic auditing?

Except to protect those who's criminal misconduct will be
exposed by such an audit.

Cost; $120K

Downside; 0

... except for the criminals in the senior leadership
of the Albuquerque Public Schools.

If the FBI cannot trust Darren White, why should we?

The integrity of NM1 Candidate Joe Carraro
stands in stark contrast to candidate Darren White's
lack thereof.

There is the question of the propriety of Joe Carraro's
involvement it the artificial turf business.

Carraro's response was to lay the entire record on the table.

The lack of evidence that Carraro did anything wrong,
is compensated for by Darren White blind followers like
Mario Burgos who is writes that;
Joe Carraro is probably corrupt because he created a
paper trail.

"It sure would seem to that Senator Joe Cararro
took great pains to leave a paper trail that would give
the appearance that everything was on the up and up."

Burgos, and other White supporters, are willing to give
Darren White a bye on the issue of allegations of felony
public corruption involving the secure NCIC data base
entrusted to Darren White's supervision by the FBI,.

A trust he then violated.

White has a record of covering up the scandal.

The Attorney General's Office found that Darren White,
personally, had broken the law, the NMIPRA,
in his effort to suppress the truth.

Darren White is doing every thing he can to suppress
the paper trail; to keep voter stakeholders in the dark.

Two candidates;
  • one doing everything he can to lay the issues on the table, and
  • the other who is doing everything he can to hide evidence.

And we are supposed to
  • trust the candidate who is hiding the truth, and
  • mistrust the candidate who is telling too much of the truth?

Did I miss the change in venue of this election from
New Mexico to the planet Crack?

Darren White
is a "politician" in the worst sense of the word.

He is incapable of candor, forthrightness, and honesty.

The FBI now knows that they cannot trust Darren White
with their NCIC data base because he let some APS senior
play with it in their effort to harass and
intimidate whistle blowers and do background checks on
their girlfriends.

If the FBI can't trust Darren White, why should we?

If this allegation were crap; Darren White would say so.
He is stonewalling because he has no other choice.
It is the only defense of an indefensible position.

If the truth comes out, he looses this election.

If the truth remains hidden, he wins a seat in congress.