Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"You (students) can't handle the truth!"

There is to be a state wide conference of student councils.

"Albuquerque Public Schools will host the annual
New Mexico Association of Student Councils
conference Thursday through Saturday.

The first general session begins at 6:40 p.m.,
Thursday, Feb. 14, at Manzano High School,
12200 Lomas Blvd. NE."

I submit as a topic for discussion by those students;

student discipline issues including;
  • standards of conduct and competence; and
  • the enforcement of those standards,
    by the adults at schools.
What do student leaders think needs to be done
in order that, adults regain control in schools?

Will the leadership of the APS encourage,
will they even allow some of the most respected student
leaders in the state,

to offer their insight and opinions on the subject of
chronically disruptive students and their interference
at the educational interface?

These young adults represent the interests
of every student in a public school in New Mexico.

Is this a 3-day field trip? fun and games?

or will they be respected enough to be allowed
to do some real business?

The Pillar of Respect, guarantees that
the human right to autonomous decision making,
will be respected.

Autonomous decision making relies upon
the decision maker knowing the whole truth.

Which in turn requires the leadership of the APS
to be candid, forthright, and honest with these kids.

... oops.

These young adults have a wealth of useful information.
Their perspective, and their ability to articulate that perspective, make them an invaluable resource.

If we pay attention at all to the truth that they will tell,
we will jump light years ahead in regaining adult control
over school campuses.

If only they were allowed.

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