Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marty Esquivel's Name Came Up During My Ejection

I asked him when he was going to do something.

Marty Esquivel is the former last best hope
of APS stakeholders to clean up the corruption and
incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

He is the only board member in the history of the APS,
to demand an administrative accountability audit;

an audit that would put the good ol' boys club in the APS
out of business forever.

the good ol' boys were prepared to stop him and his audit.

Paula Maes

  • APS School Board President
  • President of the NM Broadcasters Association
  • President of the Character Counts Leadership Council
  • Wife of the President of the Modrall
  • De facto Head of the APS Good Ol' Boys Club

she will never allow an audit that will allow
individual administrators to be held honestly accountable
for their conduct or competence as public servants.

... and she won't. Even if it means betraying;
  • the principles of Character Counts
  • her every responsibility as the senior role model in the APS
  • the trust of her constituents, and
  • the public interests in general.

Heck, there's a lot of money, a LOT of money,
to be made litigating exception to the law
for APS senior administrators and board members.

Perhaps she is sharing that money with
Thomas Lang, Kent Walz, Phill Casaus,
Michelle Donaldson, Sue Stephens,
Thomas Pearl.

It would go a long way toward explaining
their individual refusals to investigate and report upon
the ethics and accountability scandal in the local chapter
of the Good Ol' Boys Clubs Everywhere

It is naive to suppose that Marty Esquivel could take on
the APS good ol' boys APS and the media at the same time
by himself, alone.

Perhaps I asked too much of Marty Esquivel.

... but then I was under some duress at the time.

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