Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Agenda For the Next APS Board Meeting

does not include any discussion or action on
the much needed and long overdue
First Annual APS Administrative Accountability Audit.

There are only two reasons why board members will not
put the issue on the table for public discussion and debate.

Board members either lack the character,
or they lack the courage to take a stand on ethics reform
in the leadership of the APS.

Which is it; an abject lack of character,
or pitiful lack of courage?

Paula Maes
Berna Facio
Delores Griego
Gordon Rowe
Robert Lucero
Marty Esquivel
Mary Lee Martin

This post will be forwarded to each member of the board.

They have the opportunity to respond, or not,
as their conscience compels.

Any one who would argue otherwise
has a similar opportunity, and responsibility,
to put an alternative explanation on the table.

In these circumstances,

stonewalling is a manifestation of cowardice or corruption;

is it not?

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