Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweeping Ethics Reform in Santa Fe; Thwarted

... by whom exactly?

Ethics reform is an odd social dynamic.

In every other controversy there are two sides.
It is obvious to the observer, who is in favor,
and who is against.

Yet we have never seen the "against" side
in the controversy over ethics reform.
There are no (visible) players for Team Against.
No one ever stands up and argues against meaningful ethics reform.

The prevailing position; no meaningful ethics reform,
has never been explained, defended, or even acknowledged.

The refusal to reform has never carried in an honest debate.

It carries, only by preventing the debate;
which enables maintenance of the status quo.

Who is preventing the debate?

I can think of a few names; Thomas Lang, Kent Walz,
Phill Casaus, Michelle Donaldson, Thomas Pearl
and Sue Stephens

Albuquerque's power elite in the "news".

The same folks who are covering up
the refusal to debate meaningful ethics reform in the APS
by the leadership of the APS.

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