Saturday, February 23, 2008

Michael McNamara is the Principal at Jefferson Middle School

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I know
Michael McNamara well.

He was the Asst Principal at
Hoover Middle School when
I taught shop, landscaping and Character Counts, there.

I took a picture of him negligently allowing, and
knowingly permitting students to break school rules.

I took a picture of him, standing with his arms crossed,
in a hallway full of kids who were "sagging".

This is not about sagging.

It is about children blatantly defying adult authority
in plain sight and without consequence.

Perhaps we can get blogger and JMS teacher,
Scot Key
to tell us if
Michael McNamara continues to allow students
to defy the authority of adults, in plain view
and without consequence.

I suspect that he does.

Because when I tried to hold him, and Principal
Wayne Knight
accountable for professional incompetence and corruption,
by amassing incontrovertible proof,
in the form of photographic evidence of their corruption and

I was fired in retaliation.

Although I was completely exonerated and reinstated
through binding arbitration;

the good ol boys in the
APS/Modrall are still there;

still using the power and resources that have been
entrusted to them;

to screw with people who try to hold them accountable
to any meaningful standard of conduct or competence
at all,

even the law.

my arrest by Paula Maes' Praetorian Guard
for trying to draw attention to APS' myriad
of elephants in the room. link

an otherwise,

legal, moral, ethical and constitutionally protected
exercise of my
right to free speech
my right to petition my government.


Anonymous said...

Same thing, different school.

Anonymous said...

You're going to love this one!

Ethics forum continues at ATC
In addition to the keynote address, the forum will cover two main topics -- ethics in the classroom and ethics in the boardroom. Those presenting include Dr. Beth Everitt, superintendent of Aiken County Public Schools; Dr. Mike Ritchie, USCA's School of Business; Dr. Mick Fekula, USCA's School of Business; and Thomas O'Neil, chief division counsel for the FBI.