Tuesday, September 02, 2014

NM FOG Executive Committee to review APS public participation policy

APS has a new public participation in public meetings policy.  The policy, the brainstorm of APS School Board Member Marty Esquivel and cronies in a local law firm, is manifestly unconstitutional.

The only thing Esquivel's APS lawyers could hope to gain from their participation in the creation of this monstrosity will be the hundreds of thousands of dollars they will make defending (unsuccessfully) Esquivel's policy from inevitable lawsuits. 

APS lawyers will win even in losing - winning or losing pay the same; very well.  Reason enough apparently, for them to back Esquivel's play.

The policy has been circulated the NM FOG board for review. 
A response is expected this week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

APS Modrall; will Journal shake up change anything?

There has been a shake up in the Journal's newsroom, link.  There has not been a shakeup in ownership; we know whose fist pounds on the table last in meetings of the leadership.

For as long as I have been trying to get the Journal to investigate and report upon the money that flows through APS and into the coffers of a few select law firms, the Journal has been refusing to.  I have long surmised that it had to do close personal and political ties between the heavy hitters at APS and at the Journal.  I have also surmised that it had to do with Journal owner Tom Lang and his personal and political ties to the APS.

APS is both self and other insured.  APS other insurer, United Educators, raised APS' premiums recently.  The premiums are paid with operational dollars; dollars that could be spent in classrooms.

United Educators raised our premium because APS engages in wholly unjustifiable amounts of very expensive litigation.  The primary beneficiaries of APS' administrative and executive largesse include the Modrall.  For the longest time, the APS school board president and the president of Modrall were literally married.

Defendant Marty Esquivel once admitted to me, he was aware of the fact that firms like Modrall were milking taxpayers at the direct expense of nearly 100,000 of this community's sons and daughters.

If a Journal reporter interviewed a few lawyers who have litigated against APS, Modrall, Robles et al., they would find APS lawyers run up huge bills and then settle on the courthouse steps.  They settle for huge amounts of money so that politicians and public servants like Marty Esquivel can scrub their names from their misconduct.  Operational dollars pay for admissions of no guilt.

I doubt Journal coverage will change.

Time will tell.

I would argue that there is a story here.  I would argue it is newsworthy no matter what the investigation uncovers.

If the Journal investigates and reports upon the public record of tax dollars flowing to select law firms for the last 12 years or so, the investigative product will be newsworthy.

It will be newsworthy if the Journal can report that the millions and millions and millions of dollars that flowed into Modrall and handful of APS family law firms have been spent well; in the interests of educating children.

It will be newsworthy if the Journal must report that the millions and millions and millions of dollars that flowed into Modrall and a handful of APS family laws firms has been spent on cost is no object legal defenses in efforts to litigate exceptions to the law for APS school board members and senior administrators.

That the public trust and treasure have been squandered is newsworthy.

The worthiness in question, is of the Journal newsroom and of the people who tell them what is the news they will investigate and report upon.

Will they from now on, inform the democracy in order that the administrative and executive leadership of the APS can be held accountable by the community members they serve?  Will there be government of, by and for the people?

Will a government of, by and for the people be enabled by a press that doesn't give a crap about where APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta thinks they have to stand during school board meetings?

Will the Journal continue to kowtow for APS credentials and or for some more sinister reason; like their complicity in cover up of the ethics, standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS?

That will become abundantly obvious, shortly.

photo Mark Bralley

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Esquivel and NM FOG part ways

Tip of the hat to Peter St Cyr, link, former FOG President Marty Esquivel has resigned from the FOG Board of Directors.

Esquivel cited the time he needs to spend with his twelve year old son and his private law practice as the contributing factors.

He did take the time to protest FOG's involvement in the effort defeat his efforts to secret from stakeholders, the truth about Winston Brooks' very expensive departure from the APS.

FOG is trying to pry open a lid that Esquivel is sitting on as heavily as he can.

Of course he can't sit on the Board of Directors any more.

Wait until FOG gets around to reading the Esquivel and Modrall policy and procedural directive limiting public participation in public meetings of the school board, and have to take a stand on the record against that too.

photo Mark Bralley

Does APS' new social media policy apply to school board members?

APS new social media police requires students to use social media in a “responsible, ethical and polite manner.”

How exactly are students supposed to know what ethical means now that ethics isn't part of the curriculum?  If they have been exposed to ethics at all, it was likely on a list of words to spell.

I love that the Journal, link, tracked down APS School Board Member Kathy Korte for a quote.

posted on social media by Kathy Korte in an effort to
slander and libel photo-Journalist Mark Bralley after
attacking him before a school board meeting.

It violates APS social media policy.

Nor is it Korte's first rodeo, link.

APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta informs us;
consequences for violating the policy will vary; 
they will be handled on a case by case basis. 
In other words; same old, same old.

Never mind the consequences of disparate enforcement of rules.

Exposing the Brooks file; pressure mounting

KOAT has a couple of reports up, link, link, on the public records fight between the APS School Board and the community members they serve.  Give KOAT credit for applying some pressure.

They have an expert legal opinion to headline what is turning into a very lopsided battle between the APS School Board and pretty much everybody else with even a modestly learned opinion.

Marty Esquivel's APS PR image.
If he and the real Marty Esquivel
met on the street, they wouldn't
recognize each other.
Open government lawyer and school board enforcer Marty Esquivel is the only lawyer on record, in agreement with the board in their belief they can hide Brooks' file from public knowledge.

Modrall lawyers recently helped Esquivel write his manifestly unconstitutional public participation in public meetings policy and procedural directive.  It will surprise no one, if Modrall lawyers show up to argue, it's all "legal".

Not right, not ethical, not moral; "legal".

When Marty Esquivel and the board decide to spend operational dollars on legal defenses for themselves, they do it in meetings in secret.

When they decide to spend dollars that could be spent in classrooms  instead, on "legal"efforts to scrub their names from their convictions, they decide in secret.

There is no real oversight over their spending of what amounts to unlimited amounts of money.

APS Chief Counsel,
Modrall lawyer and great
personal friend of the
leadership of the APS
Art Melendres.
Don't believe it?  Ask for the
public records of how much
money that has been funneled
into Modrall over the years.

They won't produce it.

They make so much money,
Art Melendres couldn't recall
even under oath, how much
money they make.

There is only one reason to hide the truth; it is to
avoid the consequences of the truth becoming known.

If they were proud of the truth, they wouldn't need to hide it.
If the truth does not embarrass, shame or indict them, why hide it?

photo Mark Bralley

Monday, August 25, 2014

The day after the next APS Supt is hired

will be a day too late to ask questions about the secrecy
that will characterize the process.

Consider the recent annual evaluation of former Supt Winston Brooks and the secrecy that surrounded it.  All we really know about it for certain is, the board met in secret to do it.

Within these meetings in secret, questions are asked and answered.  Some of the answers may actually enjoy legitimate exception to the law; good and ethical justification to be kept secret.  The rest do not.  The questions asked, do not.

Politicians and public servants meeting in secret have to follow rules, make that laws, that pertain.

One of those laws has to do with reasonable specificity.
School board members and senior administrators are required to describe with "reasonable specificity" what it is they intend to discuss and, after the meeting, what they it was they actually did discuss. 

The APS school board and open government hero Marty Esquivel's idea of reasonable specificity is;

  • we're going to meet in secret to evaluate the superintendent, and then,
  • we evaluated the superintendent.
We all have some issue I presume, we hold as more important than most others.  Mine is administrative and executive role modeling of honest accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

I would like to know if any questions were asked, or, are going to be asked about standards, ethics, accountability and, role modeling, specifically the obligations of the senior-most administrative role models of APS student standards of conduct.

The answers to those questions may qualify for exception according to an ethical interpretation of the law, though honestly, I can't imagine how.  Nevertheless, I would like to know if the questions were asked.

For reasons I cannot imagine, NM statutes allow politicians and public servants to self-redact the public record of their own public service.  But open government law is pretty clear about redaction; public records custodians must redact public records specifically, not in their entirety.

The leadership of the APS is fond of, and litigates it's way into, redacting entire records rather than  honestly redacting them, and then producing the rest of the record.

The concept of reasonably specific redaction applies to every aspect of government, not just public records.  Meetings cannot be simply redacted in their entirety because at some point in the meeting, something that earns legitimate redaction takes place.

There is a solution; create transcript and ethically redact it.
That solution has been rejected by the leadership of the APS.

It turns out, the APS school board by their own deliberate decision, does not create any record at all of what they do in secret.  The law allows them to not record the meeting.

They are fond of pointing out that "the Inspection of Public Records Act does not require politicians and public servants to create public records".

There is only one reason to hide the ethically redacted truth;
to avoid the consequences of the truth becoming known.

If the APS board had the collective character and courage,
they would record their meetings in secret.  They would create
an incontrovertible record of their public service.  The recordings
would be sealed to anything but a court order.  They would have
their staff create an ethically redacted transcript and they would
post it on their award winning website.

They could, but they won't.  Contrary to their annually reiterated expectation of students;
in defense of your good character; strive always to do 
more than the law requires and less than the law allows
Esquivel and the board will produce only what the law requires, secreting as much as "the law" will allow; and then, only after spending without any real oversight, unlimited operational dollars on cost is no object litigation and legal weaselry.
Why won't Marty Esquivel and the board produce
ethically redacted transcripts of their meetings in secret?
The Esquivel Modrall law on public participation in public meetings prohibits anyone, but especially me, from asking them that question from the speaker's podium during the public forum of regular school board meetings.

Arrested by APS Police Chief Tellez
This, though according to Esquivel
and Modrall, holding up a poster at
a meeting is"generally acceptable".
If I insist upon asking it, they are prepared to have their publicly funded private police force arrest me; deprive me of my liberty.

They will not entertain the question in private.

They will not entertain questions from me at all.

If the establishment media; the government "credentialed" press asked the question, one of two things will happen;
1.  someone will answer the question, or

2.  someone will not.
The Journal, KRQE, KOAT, or KOB TV will do one of two things;
1.  they will investigate and report upon the (non) response, or

2.  they will not.
The very worst thing a politician or public servant can do
is anything they do in ethically unjustifiable secret.

The very worst thing "the press" can do is,
allow them get away with it.

photo Mark Bralley

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Journal editors have it right; but don't expect an apology

I've argued for a long time that reliance on graduation rates as a measure of public schools success was delusional.  The editors of the Journal have agreed; link, though they never did get around to apologizing for their part in misleading interest and stakeholders by selling "graduation rates" as the measure to promote in the first place.

No scientist ever endorsed the use of graduation rates to measure anything except that graduation rates are easily manipulated enough to make people believe that things are getting better when they really aren't getting any better at all.

The editors concede;

 ... tests (and not graduation rates) would seem to be an important measure for both the student and the education system.
The editors wrote;
"If you think New Mexico’s public school system is just fine and doesn’t need sweeping reforms ..."
and some other stuff.

The thought that popped into my mind was;
If you think NM' public school system is just fine and doesn't need sweeping reforms then you have been paying too much attention to the Journal, mustlink, and the leadership of the APS. 

They've been singing their praise of Winston Brooks' administrative success primarily on the basis of the "fact" that "he raised graduation rates".

If there is a need for "sweeping reforms" then why did the Journal editors endorse Brad Winter as the interim APS Supt? Trust me, Brad Winter was not hired because of the sweeping reforms he proposed.

The people have been deliberately misled and believe that Albuquerque Public Schools are actually doing a better job of educating students than they are.

It really is all about, and only about
  • students passing tests and
  • the number of students who are able to pass those tests after 
  • some reasonable number of years in public schools.
If graduates cannot pass tests, it makes no difference how many of them we "graduate".
"... New Mexico (will) stay right where it always has been
– at or near the bottom of the education barrel."
for as long as we continue to place the future of public education in the hands of people who have no respect for the intellect, experience and expertise that is immediately available to them.  Intellect, experience and expertise that if utilized would truly reform education and for the good.

APS teachers and employees have between them nearly 100,000 years of teaching experience in Albuquerque Public Schools.

The smallest handful of them, the inner circle of the leadership of the APS, have seats at the table where decisions are made.  Decisions like;
OK, let's sell graduation rates as the measure of our
success because we can easily manipulate them upward.
The Journal and our credentialed media friends will back our play.

NOBODY talk about ACT and SAT test scores.

We are disappointed but not surprised that Journal editors endorse Winter

In the Journal, link; the editorial opinion

APS right to pick Winter

APS Chief Tellez, his boss Brad Winter
They, he, she, argue;

When you are entrusted with putting the largest school district in the state ... back on a steady course it makes sense to go with experience and with what you know.
The editorial opinion is that back on a steady course is what APS needs.  It is not.

"Back on a steady course" is the battle cry of those who endorse the status quo.  Unless the status quo is acceptable; it rarely is and is not in this case, back on a steady course is a bad thing.

Back to inadequate standards, inadequate accountability and inadequate record keeping and production, is a bad thing.

I know for a fact that at least one of the candidates for interim superintendent intended use that authority to clean out the rats nest in preparation for a new administration.  It was not his plan to get the administration of the APS back on its "steady course".

APS' steady course is and has been to use public power and resources to enable school board members and senior APS administrators to escape accountability for their incompetence and corruption.  Regardless of whatever else happen to accomplish.

They, she, he opined;
If anyone knows APS and can embrace the work that needs to be done and leave the drama on the sidelines, it’s Winter, who over more than two decades with the district has worn every hat from teacher to assistant principal to administrator.
Let's give them that one.  Who know better than a man who has worn every hat from teacher to 2nd in command, where all the bodies are buried?

Who knows better than Brad Winter where lies the administrative and executive incompetence, corruption, and the policies and practices that enable them?
The current city councilor and former APS chief operations officer has earned a reputation as a calm, civil problem solver who puts public accountability at the top of his list.

If that were true, Brad Winter would show us his list.  Where on that list is
  • his PowerPoint presentation on student discipline and in particular the presence of chronically disruptive students, and
  • his production of a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd, and
  • his production of ethically redacted findings of audits, investigations, examinations, and reviews into senior administrative and executive incompetence and corruption, and
  • his  commencement of an independent examination and review of senior administrative and executive standards and accountability, and
  • his production in particular, the ethically redacted findings of investigations of felony public corruption in the leadership of the police force Winter directly oversaw, and
  • his public promise to respond to legitimate questions about the public interests and his public service, by answering candidly, forthrightly and honestly?
As a matter of fact, where on his list will we find
  • him standing up as the senior-most administrative role model of honest accountability to the same standards of conduct he establishes and enforces upon students?
Where on his list has he placed stepping up as the senior-most administrative role model of student standards of conduct; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts!?

It is not on Winter's list, even in the form of an open and honest public discussion of student and adult standards of conduct and accountability. Nor is it on the Journal editors list of newsworthy facts about Brad Winter.

When the head of an organization falls under circumstances the 2nd in command knew or should have known about, you have to consider guilty knowledge.  If they were aware of problems, why didn't they expose them.  If they weren't aware of the problems, why weren't they?  Did they remain willfully ignorant or were they only mind-numbingly incompetent?

Brad Winter has guilty knowledge of most of the public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.  That or he remained willfully ignorant.  That or he was mind-numbingly incompetent in his oversight over APS' publicly funded private police force.

He represents the worst possible choice; the 2nd in command who will now oversee APS' self investigation of numerous complaints of senior administrative and executive misconduct.  Who will then hide the findings of those investigations from public knowledge at least until a new superintendent is hired.  Who will spend unlimited numbers of operational dollars in litigation against the public interests and without objective oversight of any kind in a cost is no object effort to hide the ethically redacted truth.

If there was any real doubt that Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz and whomever else at the Journal are in cahoots in the cover up of an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS this should extinguish it.

Standards, ethics, and accountability in the spending of a fourth of the state budget, are newsworthy.  They are newsworthy when they exist and more newsworthy when they don't.

If the Journal editors can ensure us that the standards of conduct and competence that apply to school board members and senior administrators are high enough to protect the public interests in the public schools, why won't they?

If the Journal editors can ensure us that school board members and senior administrators are honestly accountable to those standards; accountable by due process under systems over which they have no undue influence and powerful enough to hold them accountable even against their will, why won't they?

If the Journal editors, because of circumstances, must report that the leadership is not honestly accountable to meaningful standards of conduct and competence within their public service, why won't they?

Except that the editors are part of the cover up; they are in cahoots.

photo Mark Bralley
Walz photo ched macquigg

Saturday, August 23, 2014

6400 Uptown Blvd, a money pit? Winter won't say; never has, never will.

If there is nothing to hide, why hide anything?
Who spent how much and on what during a time when Meyners auditors found;
  1. inadequate standards
  2. inadequate accountability to inadequate standards and
  3. inadequate record keeping;
the trifecta of public corruption and embezzlement?
A great deal of money has been spent at 6400 Uptown Blvd. The same dollars could have been spent on spaces of use to students and teachers.

The twin towers were purchased years ago, after promising taxpayers that new apartments in the sky would actually save them money.  They promised; we'll occupy half and rent out half; it will be great. Then they filled both buildings to overflowing.

Brooks promised to have the truth
about the $800 chairs "by noon"
a long, long, long time ago.
They have not saved taxpayers money, they have hardwood paneled their offices.  They have spent, I'm told and they won't deny, $800 a piece for the rolling chairs that board members sit in twice a month.

This is a test of Brad Winter's mettle.  And of the school board that just voted unanimously, to put the second in command in charge of the cover up.

Every investigation that is done between now and the school board elections and hiring of the new superintendent, will be done under Brad Winter's control.  The findings will be secret because he and they will hire lawyers to investigate rather than a less expensive private eye, and then claim lawyer client privilege.

Lawyer client privilege belongs to the client.  The client can tell the whole truth and nothing but the ethically redacted truth if they want to.  The client is allowed to hide the truth, not required to hide the truth.

Why won't Brad Winter produce a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd?  Is it possible that one such, doesn't even exist?

Do you have any interest at all in knowing how millions and millions and millions of dollars have been spent in a building you can't get into, if they decide to keep you out.

Brad Winter, Steve Tellez, and their Praetorian Guard; a publicly
funded private police force, standing between the the people and
the truth about their squandering of our trust and treasure.
You have a Constitutionally protected human right to speak during the public forum at the next school board meeting, and the next and the next.

You have a right and responsibility to ask for, to demand, that Brad Winter produce a candid, forthright and honest accounting of the money that has been spent at 6400 Uptown.

From the unjustifiable new board room to the $250K they spent installing Kevlar between them the podium from which speakers might embarrass, shame or indict them, and then pull out a gun and start shooting at them.

This after making their way through the most heavily secured and surveilled spaces in the APS; the front doors of their castle keep.

Demand candor, forthrightness and honesty.

The "leadership" of the APS expects candor, forthrightness and honesty from students in the student standards they adopt and have adopted annually since 1994; the Pillars of Character Counts!; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct; link.

They are the senior-most role models of student standards of conduct.  They are obliged to role model honest accountability to the standards they establish and enforce upon students.  Whether they like it, whether they agree with it,  and whether their friends in the credentialed media will expose them for their abdication from role model responsibilities.

The day Brad Winter comes up with a candid, forthright and
honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown, is the day
you can believe the leadership of the APS might be anything
other than the good ol' boy oligarchy it has always been.

It will also be the day;
  • pigs will fly,
  • fish will speak,
  • rocks won't sink,
  • snakes will smoke,
  • frogs will grow hair,
  • hell will freeze over,
  • chickens will grow teeth,
  • fish will climb poplar trees,
  • grapes will grow on willows,
  • the sun will rise in the west,
  • white crows will fly upside down,
  • crayfish will whistle on the mountain,
  • and, monkeys will fly out of my ass.
Adynatons; wikilink

photos Mark Bralley

Friday, August 22, 2014

APS board has truth to hide, Brad Winter's happy to help

If you ever stayed in a Holiday Inn ever, you know enough to know that the APS Board of Education needs to hide the truth about why they fired Winston Brooks and why we have to pony up $350M to keep everyone quiet.

They have decided, link, that among the four candidates on their short list, former 2nd in command in APS Brad Winter is in the best position to help them keep the lid on things until things cool off.

When the head of an endeavor leaves in scandal, the second in command is the single worst person to then put in command.  Either the second in command is manifestly incompetent, willfully ignorant in their failure to expose the corruption and or incompetence that brought down their boss or guilty in their knowledge and failure to expose it.

Former APS Police Chief Steve Tellez had guilty knowledge of the corruption and incompetence that brought Gil Lovato down, and he was made Chief of APS police anyway.  You can see how well that worked out.  You can't put the people with a need to cover up in charge of their own investigation.

How much money exactly have we spent in here, and on what?
Did school board members really spend $800 a piece on chairs?

Tellez reported directly to Brad Winter
Brad Winter has a record of not telling the truth.  From the outright perjury he offered during his sworn deposition, link, to his relentless failure to produce a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd, link, he cannot be depended upon to tell the truth.

More over, he can be depended upon to not tell the truth.

Bingo! a new APS superintendent is found.

photo Mark Bralley

APS School Board in hiding

We read in the Journal this morning, link;

Tony Ortiz, a Santa Fe attorney hired by APS ... said, ... neither the court nor PED would be given the investigation report done by an attorney who was retained by APS Board President Analee Maestas.
Neither a Second Judicial District Court Judge nor NM PED Secretary Hanna Skandera will read the report the APS School Board is secreting from interest and stakeholders.  No one besides manifestly conflicted* school board members will ever know the ethically redacted truth about the "serious personnel matter" that justified firing Winston Brooks and saddling taxpayers with a $350K buy out of his contract - a contract that the school board had recently extended even beyond the terms on the board of a majority of the board.

*The manifest conflicts of interests; the board is expected to evaluate the superintendent impartially.  They are expected to tell the people they represent, the ethically redacted truth about the evaluation; the process and the product, and the results of that evaluation reflect on their performance as board members.  They have an interest in manipulating the truth.

One of the most important responsibilities of the school board is to hire and annually evaluate the superintendent.  Hiding the truth about how and how well they are handling that obligation prevents voters from holding them accountable at election, for how and how well school board members are serving the people they represent.

The people have a right and need to know how their representative on the school board has performed in office,  The people have a moral and ethical right to the ethically redacted truth about the superintendent's performance and evaluation.  School board members, by and through their multitude of lawyers, have refused to produce it.

School Board President Analee Maestas, when asked a legitimate question about the public interests and or her public service by a TV reporter, responded;
"no comment"

"No comment" is a categorically unacceptable response from a politician or public servant in response to a legitimate question about the public interests including their public service.

How can there be government of, by and for the people if the government's response to a legitimate question from the people whose power and resources they spend, is no comment?

Are the terms of public servitude, including the limits on truth telling, the prerogative of the people, or of their servants?  Ask them, they will tell you the prerogative is theirs.  That's what "no comment"

Every reason Marty Esquivel and the APS School Board cite as reasons they "can't" tell the ethically redacted truth are only circumstances that "allow" them to not tell the ethically redacted truth.  Their citations are deliberately misleading, untrue, and dishonest.

As but the latest example; Marty Esquivel and his Modrall lawyers procedural directive on public participation in school board meetings, link, here quoted in significant part;
The New Mexico Open Meetings Act prohibits open discussion amongst board members for any item not listed on the ... agenda. Therefore, Board of Education members ... shall not answer questions posed to them from a speaker or comment on a speaker’s concerns. emphasis added
That statement is manifestly dishonest.

APS students, in their highest standards of conduct, link, are expected to communicate honestly;
"Honesty in communications is expressing the truth as best we know it and not conveying it in a way likely to mislead or deceive.  It precludes all acts, including half-truths, out-of-context statements, and even silence, that are intended to create beliefs or leave impressions that are untrue or misleading."
The APS School Board, in their lowest standards of conduct; can be expected to create as many untrue and misleading beliefs, as a million dollar a year public relations effort and unlimited budgets for litigation and legal weaselry will allow.

As another example; the APS School Board has under its control, the findings of several investigations into felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators in their publicly funded private police force.  They refuse to produce ethically redacted versions of any of those several investigations, even in response to inordinately and unjustifiably expensive litigation.

There is a world of difference between can't do the right thing and won't do the right thing.  The APS School Board refuses to produce findings because "the law" allows them to secret them, not because the law requires them to.

There is only one reason to hide the truth and that is to escape the consequences of the truth being known.

The APS school board is in hiding because they haven't the character and the courage to tell the ethically redacted truth about the public interests and about their public service. 

They get away with it because neither Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz nor his counterparts at KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV will assign reporters to investigate and report upon a standards, ethics, and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Are we really going to enter a whole new superintendency in secret?

Is there really going to be just another good ol' boy oligarchy?

Are we going to reinstate the old one?

Tellez whispers in Brad Winters ear.
Last night, the board placed recently retired senior APS administrator, key to the cover up of corruption in the leadership of the APS Police, and perjurer Brad Winter on their short list of candidates for interim and perhaps ongoing superintendent of the APS.

It was Winter's keen oversight that allowed former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez to believe he could get away with walking off with hundreds of dollars worth of ammo.

photo Mark Bralley