Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who will stand up for Character Counts!? when? where?

Before we begin, this really isn't about Character Counts! per se.
It is only about Character Counts! because that happens to be
the standards of conduct that the leadership of the APS has
established and enforces upon students.

It is really about character education in general and about
whether public schools should play any deliberate part in
the development of character in students beyond having them
read a hackneyed fable about George Washington and the
Cherry tree, wikilink

APS School Board Policy, by way of the APS Student Behavior Handbook, reads;

students are expected to model and promote 
the Pillars of Character Counts!
As far as modeling standards of conduct, what we're really talking about is modeling accountability.  One models standards by modeling what it looks like to be held honestly accountable to them.

I really don't care whether the Pillars are the standards for APS students, or some other equally appropriate model. That said, the Pillars of Character Counts!, link, are a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.   I have yet to come across a better model.

Even then, its not about the model, its about an honest to God dedication to higher standards of conduct than the law.

The one thing that every character education model shares is the conviction that there are higher standards of conduct than the law and it is important that students learn about them in the hope that they will come embrace them.  In the hope that they will grow into adults who embrace character (however defined) and courage and honor.

When Character Counts! came to APS, it came with a bunch of money. United States Senator Pete Domenici had brought home a federal grant. The records of who spent how much money were not made available even after several requests.

Senator Pete Domenici was actually a Founding Father! of Character Counts!; he helped write the six pillars;
  • Trustworthiness, 
  • Respect, 
  • Responsibility, 
  • Caring, 
  • Fairness and 
  • Citizenship.
The Pillar of Trustworthiness, by the way, is the one that has them running. It requires of persons of character and of role models of ethical standards of conduct, candid, forthright and honest responses to a legitimate question about the public interests or about their public service.

I asked the good Senator, by and through his pio, to intervene in APS under the table abandonment of the Pillars he helped write. 

He was/is nowhere to be found as APS school boards and superintendents take down Character Counts! posters and hide them away in closets.

They didn't "phase out" Character Counts!; they simply changed their minds.  Character doesn't count; not enough anyway to make any concerted effort at all to teach and role model honest, actual personal accountability to higher standards of conduct than the law.

At the time the federal grant needed spending, former APS School Board President Paula Maes Maes was elected or appointed to be the President of the APS Character Counts! Leadership Council.

She is still around. 

She is the President and CEO of  the New Mexico Broadcasters Association and apparently has enough juice with the local affiliates to keep them from doing an investigation and report on the abdication of the entire leadership of the APS from their duties and obligations the senior most role models of student standards of conduct. Either that, or the story really isn't "newsworthy".

Maes was the President of the APS Character Counts! Leadership Council.

Awhile later, she and the rest of the board voted unanimously to remove the language in their own code of conduct, that required them to actually step up as a role models of higher standards of conduct than the law.  They removed the role modeling clause in the hope that they could legal liability stemming from their role modeling malfeasance.

Their role modeling clause use to read;
In no case shall the standards of conduct for an adult,
be lower than the standards of conduct for students.
By striking it, they hoped to eliminate their obligations as role models of any standards of conduct higher than the law. The law, it must not be forgotten, is the standard of conduct that every "higher standard" conduct is higher than.

Maes and Domenici are not alone in their abandonment of Character Counts!.

Former Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez was a huge fan.  He regarded himself as a local Founding Father of the Character Counts! movement. 

If I recall, he even had the CC! logo or message on a decal on city vehicles.  APS still does; the Pillars of Character Counts! are displayed on the sides of their publicly funded private police cars.

Chavez is still around and nowhere to be found as the APS Board and
senior-most administrative role models abdicate; deciding they would rather be not be actually, honestly accountable to any standard of conduct higher than the law. 

Under any standard of conduct higher than the law, their abdication would be seen for what it is, cowardice, corruption, or both.

Greater Albuquerque President Teri Cole was a big cheerleader for Character Counts!.

She still around and nowhere to be found.

Many years ago, I asked her to do something to stop the abdication of the entire leadership of the APS after they voted to strike role modeling from their own standards of conduct.

Her response meant no.

I cannot find any reference that Albuquerque Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz ever stepped up at some point and either endorsed Character Counts! or at least character education.

If he did, he is of course still around
and nowhere to be found.

Literally nowhere; the Journal relentlessly refuses to investigate and report upon an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.
Is there really no page in a legitimate newspaper, where this story might fit?

I look forward to my return to the public forum in a couple of weeks.

I will advocate as usual, in favor of meaningful character education in the APS.

It would be nice if a few other people who believe;
if we really want children to grow into adults
who embrace character and courage and honor,
someone has to show them what it looks like.
would show up at that forum and take advantage of a
rare opportunity to actually stand up for
what you believe in, for two minutes.

photos Mark Bralley except for Walz, whom I caught.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

If Tellez is charged, his credibility will be diminished. Is that why he isn't being charged?

Tellez whispers in Winter's ear link
despite Winters' sworn testimony;
nobody whispers in his ear, ever.
To be fair; Tellez could be blowing
in Winter's ear; it's hard to be sure.
If there is a star witness in APS' trumped up allegations against me, it is former APS Chief of Police Steve Tellez.

He is at the center of APS' efforts to defend themselves by defaming me.

It is their only defense against the complaints I have filed against them.

If Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston ever completes the investigation of allegations of felony criminal misconduct that have been leveled at Tellez, and the findings of the investigation are that Tellez should be criminally charged, Tellez' character and credibility will suffer.

If he is actually charged, they will suffer more.  Upon his conviction, his testimony will become worthless.

Therefore, it is to the advantage of APS Defendants Marty Esquivel, Winston Brooks, Monica Armenta and the board, if Dan Houston takes forever to complete his investigation.  Forever is an option but not a necessity, they just need it to happen after Steve Tellez testifies against me.

APS, in their motion to reconsider, claims they are looking for an evidentiary hearing.  The last thing they want is for the judge to study the evidence.  They have no supporting evidence; we have an abundance of evidence; too much even to use.

What they are looking for is a "testimonial" hearing; an opportunity for the judge to listen to the manifestly conflicted testimony APS COO Brad Winter, APS ED of C, Defendant Monica Armenta and Defendant Steve Tellez, former APS Chief of Police.  None of whom have any hard evidence to support their unfounded allegations.

Armenta for example, has claimed that I followed her around in my car.  Under oath, she admitted that it was only one time and she didn't actually see me following her but, because we had once ended up at the same place at the same time, I "must have followed her" there.  Armenta has a motive to lie, she has been the subject of a number of exposes on her character and competence as t public information officer and APS senior administrator.

Brad Winter has also been the subject of numerous posts on this blog, on his character and competence.  He has the same motive to lie.  When his sworn deposition is compared to videotapes of the same incidents, there is very little in common.

Steve Tellez will testify, if not investigated, charged and convicted first of felony criminal misconduct, about the threat I constitute to the leadership of the APS.  He has a motive to lie.  The threats I constitute are my relentless efforts to get a hold of findings of several investigations into allegations of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of APS' publicly funded private police force.

The findings will show that Tellez, if not guilty outright of complicity in public corruption and incompetence, was complacent about it.  He had guilty knowledge of that corruption and incompetence.  That, or he was bone numbingly incompetent as Deputy Chief.

The question(s) then;
Is the investigation of allegations of criminal misconduct by a former member of APS' innermost circle of leadership, being deliberately delayed
  • in the interests of Marty Esquivel, Winston Brooks, Monica Armenta and the Board (which would be public corruption) or
  • because the Sheriff's detectives aren't up to the task (which would be incompetence), or
  • is it legitimately delayed for unknown reason which his PIO Aaron Williamson cannot possible reveal without "alerting potential defendants to destroy evidence, coordinate stories or flee the jurisdiction"? 

Why would Houston deliberately drag his feet?

Research suggests that cultures of corruption and incompetence exist because the good ol' boys take care of each other.  Good ol' boys are accountable to each other, and certainly not under any system they cannot control.

Their lack of candor, forthrightness and honest flows not from of personal allegiance to each other but allegiance to way of doing things in ways that keep the truth hard to find; a situation that floats the boats of the all of the corrupt and incompetent.

Houston may be covering for Esquivel and Brooks out of some personal allegiance, or he may not even like them.  That question is moot.

The effect is the same, a simple investigation will drag on and on and on, until the good ol' boys can no longer be held actually and honestly accountable.

photos Mark Bralley

Monday, April 21, 2014

BCSD/O Tellez investigation enters 6th week. Still, no end in sight.

If ever I have to write a post entitled

Tellez investigation enters 157th week, 
it will be a week too late for the people to get their pound of flesh from a public servant who betrayed their trust.

Statutes of limitation will have expired on felony criminal misconduct.  Evidence and testimony will not be used in a criminal prosecution of a senior APS administrator over alleged felony criminal misconduct.

Really?     No way!

These same players; APS, BCSO, Tellez,
have done it before.  They will do it again.

The leadership of the APS and the Bernalillo County Sheriff Office allowed statutes of limitation to expire on felony criminal misconduct while holding evidence secret from prosecution.

In 2006, there was felony criminal misconduct going on in the leadership of the APS Police force.  The Journal investigated and reported on it in 2007, link.

The District Attorney Kari Brandenburg has never filed charges.

She has never filed charges, because
she has never seen the evidence.

She has never seen the evidence because the leadership of the APS decided to not let her shoe it to her.

Brandenburg claimed ;
  • never to have seen the evidence of felony criminal misconduct and
  • to be without the authority to demand to see it.
The evidence still has not been produced; not to the DA and not to the public knowledge.

The findings of every investigation of public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS Police force are still hidden from the District Attorney and they are still hidden from the people.

The leadership of the APS still has not explained why they want to keep the ethically redacted public records secret.

Defendant Esquivel
Marty Esquivel and Winston Brooks are spending a lot of your money in federal court, in their effort to keep those findings secret from the people and secret from criminal prosecution.

They dip from a bottomless pool and spend without adequate oversight.

By any honest account; there is a culture of corruption and incompetence in most governments in New Mexico.

Cultures of corruption and incompetence exist in no small part, because the likelihood of being caught and punished is so miniscule.

APS Supt Brooks
With pitifully few exceptions, no pound of flesh is ever taken from powerful politicians and public servants who betray the trust of the people who elected, appointed and or hired them.  For powerful good ol' boys in New Mexico, there is no
payment or punishment that involves suffering and sacrifice on the part of the person being punished.
Its one of the accoutrements of power in New Mexico; if you get caught and you're powerful enough, you just pump in more tax dollars and walk away scot-free.

Steve Tellez does not deserve to walk away scot-free.  No politician or public servant who betrays the public trust should walk away scot-free.  The people deserve their pound of his flesh.

They should especially not walk because strings are being pulled.

Tellez will walk in order to that the people who enabled him to betray the public trust, politicians like Marty Esquivel and public servants like Winston Brooks, can walk on their own guilty knowledge and personal corruption and incompetence.

Kent Walz and the Journal are part of the cover up.

Paula Maes, Winston Brooks
The NM Broadcasters Association Affiliates are bowing to the influence of their President and Chief Executive Officer Paula Maes;  APS heavy hitter at all times relevant herein.

How else do you explain the circumstances?

How else do you explain all of this happening in plain sight and nothing in "the news"?   Not even an investigation and report that my allegations are all bullshit.

Walz caught here by author.
If Kent Walz could publish a report that there is no standards and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, why would he not?

What is stopping him, and them, from telling us that the standards of conduct and competence that apply to school board members and senior administrators are high enough to protect the public interests?

What is stopping him and them from telling us that board members and senior administrators are honestly accountable to those standards?

Except that the standards are not high enough and
the accountability to them is virtually non-existent.

photos Mark Bralley

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Esquivel wants a reconsideration of the worst legal decision in 25 years

KRQE lawyer Marty Esquivel is a lot of things.  If asked, he will point out that he is expert in the First Amendment.

In especially, he is so expert in conducting public meetings and protecting the civil rights of participants that he is scheduled to teach a seminar on exactly that subject during NM FOG's upcoming confab.

It would be a huge blow to his ego if the worst legal decision in 25 years found him to be otherwise.  He would like very much to have that albatross removed from around his neck.

Esquivel's problem is that for all practical intents and purposes, he forfeited his right to ask the court for any favors by publicly insulting the court in the Journal; offering that in 25 years he hadn't seen a worse decision or one he "disagreed" with more.

A motion has been filed in federal court.  The motion to reconsider the preliminary injunction enjoining Marty Esquivel and the board from enforcing their unconstitutional ban on my free exercise of my "privilege" to attend school board meetings and public forums. 

The motion was filed by the law firm that represents taxpayers, the board and all of the individual defendants except Marty Esquivel.  Taxpayers and Marty Esquivel have their own entirely different law firm.

Regardless of who is named where, its clear that the person with the most to lose in this case is Marty Esquivel.

"The board" will get over losing a civil rights case in court; Esquivel won't.

Esquivel and his dream team defense enjoy an unlimited budget and no public oversight.  He is personally responsible for the wasting a half a million tax dollars in an effort to cover his own ass.

He and his defense enjoy as well, unlimited support from
KRQE, Kent Walz and the Journal, and the rest of the
"news outlets" here in River City.

Esquivel, by and through his lawyers "consents"
to the filing of a motion to reconsider
the worst legal decision in 25 years.

... the legal decision that found him to be exactly what he is.

photo Mark Bralley

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"This satisfies your request under IPRA."

I had made a public records request of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office or "Department"; unclear as it reads Department on their website, link.

I am requesting any public records that reflect of the number of man hours and other resources that the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department has spent investigating the alleged theft of ammunition from the APS.
BCSO (or D?) Local Custodian of Public Records Sgt Aaron Williamson writes that the request was received by him on April 1, 2014.

The law requires the immediate production of immediately available records.  A Custodian worth his salt knows that.

Unless the fact that the BCSO or D does
... not track specific hours involved with each case.
is news to  BCSO or D veteran Sgt Williamson, his response was about as immediately available as immediately available gets.

I just now received the response, so it took 15 days.

15 days is the absolute maximum "allowed" by the law.

It's "legal".

It meets the lowest standards of conduct acceptable among civilized human beings.  It meets the standards of conduct that every higher standard of conduct, is higher than.

Williamson is screwing with the press; in First Amendment terms.  Unless he treats all members of the press this abysmally, I am being subject to disparate treatment and opportunity to exercise my Constitutionally protected human right to be the press.

He is screwing with me because he wants to, or
because he was ordered to, or

He, or both, are screwing with me because they can.
The law in its loosest sense and legal weaselry allows them to.

Sheriff Dan Houston, by and through his trusted servant, offered;
I can tell you that detectives were assigned the case on March 11, 2014. As of today’s date the case is still active and being investigated.

This satisfies your request under IPRA.

Sergeant Aaron Williamson
Custodian of Records
It does of course, satisfy the request, but not in a government
of the people, by the people and for the people kind of a way.

The people still have no real idea whether the power and resources they have entrusted to Dan Houston are being used in the public interests, in someone's personal interests, or not being used at all.

Odd that they don't keep that kind of a record.

How can they properly prioritize spending of our power and resources if they don't keep track of how much of each they're spending?

Odder still, that they start screwing with you if you start asking any questions.

Please people; there is an elephant in the room.

There is a least one of them in every room where questions are being asked by anybody, about the public interests and about the public service of politicians and public servants.

We pay the elephants to tell us the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but
the ethically redacted truth and in a timely manner.

They don't.  It isn't their job.
That's not why they're in the room.

Their job is to spin the truth or obfuscate the production of the truth in the personal best interest of the politician or public servant they serve instead of serving the people.

Briana Anderson does it for Mayor Richard Berry.

Monica Armenta does it for Winston Brooks and the Board.

Aaron Williamson does it for Dan Houston.

Where else but in government to you pay people to screw with you?

Is there a single powerful politician or public servant anywhere
who doesn't have a public servant working under them
whose job it is to make that politician or public servant look good
even when, and especially when they don't?

photo Mark Bralley

Albuquerque top cops in free fall

Nearly the entire leadership of law enforcement for as far as the eye can see, is manifestly corrupt and or incompetent.

Today we find in the Journal, link, that top cop at the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department has joined the top cops at APS and the APD in their fall from grace. (APD Chief Ray Schultz in absentia, having gotten out while the getting was good.  The same can be said for the interim APD chief; got out while the getting was good).

Despite Sheriff Dan Houston's protestations of innocence and the fact that "the county admits no liability", taxpayers will be forking over around 3/4s of a million dollars because the complaints against Houston are justified.  He did defame the plaintiff (where have I heard that before).  He did discharge her in retaliation and in breach of her contract.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston admitted calling the complainant and another employee “a couple of whores.”

Not a big deal in his mind because he was just “repeating an allegation made by a third party” during a meeting he thought was in secret.

It was “hell” working as the attorney and spokeswoman for Houston.

The government did fail to release public records.

"A judge in November 2013 ordered the county to pay almost $140,000 for failing to quickly provide the public records under the state Inspection of Public Records Act. That figure continued to rise as the office continued to fail to produce the documents."
- Just like APS' failure to produce the findings of investigations of allegations of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of APS' publicly funded private police force; the figure continues to rise as APS continues to fail to produce ethically redacted public records. -

Houston is quick to point out;
"... Vega-Brown agreed as part of the settlement to “dismiss me from the lawsuit she brought against me.”
Politicians and public servants have written into their contract with the people whose power they wield and whose resources they spend, an escape clause.

When they have been found to be, or are about to be found to be guilty of squandering the public trust and treasure, pols and public servant are allowed to cough up even more tax dollars to have their names scrubbed from the settlement. 

Settlement values increase in order that complainants will abandon their desire to see individuals held individually accountable for their individual misconduct. Public resources have been, are being, and will be spent to protect the personal reputations of corrupt and or incompetent politicians and public servants.

The people's trust and treasure are squandered in order to dissociate corrupt and incompetent politicians and public servants from their corruption and the incompetence and from the just consequences of their corruption and incompetence.

Public records violation fines are paid by taxpayers,
not by the politician or public servants
who tried to keep them hidden in violation of the law.

Politicians and public servants are allowed to redact their own records, and there is no consequence for individual politicians and public servants who redact their record in violation of the law; no matter how egregious.

Settlement values increase in order that pols and public servants can just "move forward".

According to the Journal, "the settlement agreement will be made public this week or next".

This despite the fact that the N M Inspection of Public Records Act clearly intends that immediately available records are to be produced immediately or as soon as practicable.

Not in accordance with politician's and public servant's own need to manage public perception.

Make that public outrage.

Reminiscent of a dog chasing its tail, the merry go round of good ol' boy justice has Houston's BCSD investigating allegations against APS'  former Chief Steve Tellez who might well ask Houston,
who in the hell are you to be investigating me?
Houston's investigation of Tellez is more than a month old, with no end in sight.

photo Mark Bralley

Monday, April 14, 2014

BCSD APS Steve Tellez investigation enters fifth week

What should be an open and shut criminal investigation of APS former Chief of Police Steve Tellez has taken more than a month and there is no end in sight.  Doesn't that require some manner of explanation?

If not by Bernalillo County
Sheriff Dan Houston himself,
then by and though his
public information officer?

If not by them, than why not
by me?

It is taking so long because;

  • Sheriff Dan Houston is part of a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving an APS senior administrator; one of the innermost circle of power and influence in the APS, or
  • Sheriff Dan Houston is really busy and hasn't gotten around to it, or
  • Sheriff Dan Houston has more important things to investigate right now, or
  • The case has suddenly become overwhelmingly complicated, or
  • whatever.
"Whatever" because I, like you have no idea why it is taking the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department so long to complete their investigation.  "Whatever" because in the absence of any indication from the Sheriff, making up explanations ourselves the only way we'll have explanation at all.

According to Houston's PIO;
... to tell us anything (at all) right now, would alert potential defendants to destroy evidence, coordinate stories or flee the jurisdiction.
Right, either that or "no progress is being made" is not
one of the choices on his "PIO Model" Magic 8-Ball, link.

How long must an investigation take before it has taken too long; egregiously long, willfully long?

Will statutes of limitation on felony criminal misconduct expire before the Steve Tellez investigation is complete?  It wouldn't be the first time.

When APS' public funded private police force investigated allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving its own chief in 2007, they took so long to do it that statutes of limitation expired on felony criminal misconduct before they were done.

They still haven't released the findings.  APS' Executive Director of Human Resources Andrea Trybus testified under oath; as far as she knows, they didn't conduct any investigation at all.

That investigation of allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving an APS Chief of Police was a Tellez investigation as well; not an investigation of Tellez, but one by Tellez.  Tellez was Acting Chief of APS Police at the time of the supposed investigation; it was conducted by his subordinates.

The findings of all the investigations remain hidden by the leadership of the APS, from public knowledge.  Even in violation of the law.

When they are finally produced, the findings will demonstrate that Steve Tellez had guilty knowledge of the public corruption and incompetence that brought down the former Chief Gil Lovato.  They may even prove he participated in it.  And then was promoted to Acting Chief, was responsible for overseeing the investigation of misconduct that likely included him, found none and ended up being secretly promoted to permanent Chief .

APS wouldn't be hiding the findings so hard,
if there were nothing in the findings to hide.

The failure of Kent Walz and the Journal to enforce the NM IPRA regarding the findings of investigations into public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS Police force  is so egregious as to appear deliberate beyond any reasonable doubt.

photo Mark Bralley

Berry broke the law. Will he pay the fine?

There is a body of law in New Mexico called the Governmental Conduct Act, link.  If the ACT does clearly and unequivocally prohibit misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, it should.  I will proceed under the assumption that it does.  I will proceed assuming as well, and again without citation, that the Act provides for the prosecution and punishment of violators.

There is a point where ignorance becomes so egregious that it cannot be other than willful.  There is a line between egregious and willful.  Drawing a sharp line is impossible and therefore problematic if the ignorance is marginal.

In this case, the ignorance is so egregious, so far past beyond any line however fine or broadly drawn, that we needn't trouble or concern ourselves with further its consideration.

This ignorance is too execrable to ignore.  Whether it is egregious or willful is moot. The one is as bad as the other.  Neither is acceptable.

Ignorance this abounding, must be nonfeasance, misfeasance, and depending on circumstances still secret from public knowledge, possibly/probably malfeasance (Wikipedia derived);

nonfeasance; failed to pay attention when required
misfeasance; willfully ignored the truth
malfeasance; willful ignored the truth and parties were injured
So who can the people depend upon, really depend upon,
to see that Mayor Richard Berry is held honestly accountable
to the provisions of the NM Governmental Conduct Act?

The question unfortunately, is not rhetorical in the least.

There is no history of which I am aware, of powerful politicians and public servants in New Mexico, being held honestly accountable for their failure however abject,
"... to justify the confidence placed in them by the people, at all times maintaining the integrity and discharging ethically the high responsibilities of public service."

Good leaders accept personal accountability including personal
consequences for their conduct and competence.

Great leaders demand them.

Richard Berry has done neither.

photo  Mark Bralley

rather than rewrite this post and re-post it after substituting APS, the school board and superintendent where appropriate, I will simple re-ask the question;
Who is going to hold the school board and superintendent for their egregious or willful ignorance regarding student discipline issues in APS classrooms and hallways, link?
Again, the question is not rhetorical. 

One would think a free press would be of some use.
One would be disappointed.
Who is going to hold Kent Walz and the Journal accountable for their egregious or willful ignorance of problems in the APD and the APS?
And one last time, the question is not rhetorical?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Open letter to the editors of the Albuquerque Journal

Nearly twenty years ago today, I was selected to be among the first teachers in the APS to be trained on Character Counts! by its founder Michael Josephson.  As a "trainer of trainers" I trained three dozen community groups, school faculties and thousands and thousands of students on Character Counts!.

Simultaneous with acquiring my belief in Character Counts! a struggle began.

Somehow, I ended up holding the flag for the side that believes that the leadership of the APS has an inescapable obligation to role model honest accountability the Pillars of Character Counts! for as long as those are the standards that the leadership of the APS establish and enforce upon students.

Sometime in 2005 or 6, the APS School Board voted unanimously to remove the role modeling clause from their own standards of conduct.  I was suing them at the time, and arguing that the role modeling clause was evidence of their obligation to litigate "ethically".  Their response was to remove it.  It used to read;

In no case shall the standards of conduct for an adult,
be lower than the standards of conduct for students
(the Pillars of Character Counts! a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethics, link.)
Since the night of their abdication, I have been doing everything I could think of to hold them accountable for that abdication.  Since the night of their abdication, I have been trying to get the Albuquerque Journal to investigate and report upon credible testimony and incontrovertible evidence of an ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Their only defense against what I say and write about them is to tell people; don't listen.  He's a nut; he's a crack pot, he's dangerous.  Amid all their allegations and for a full decade, they still manage to avoid having to respond the question.  In words any APS student can understand,
why are students are expected to hold themselves honestly
accountable to higher standards of conduct than the law while
school board members and senior administrators are not?
This about the message, not about the messenger.
This about that question.  It is not about who is asking it,
why I am asking it, how I am asking it, how many times I have asked it or how many times I will have to ask it before they respond; candidly, forthrightly and honestly.

For as long as the leadership of the APS has been refusing to communicate a candid, forthright and honest response; for as long as there has been a full blown ethics and accountability scandal in the senior-most leadership of the APS, the Journal has refused investigate that scandal and report on the squandering of our trust, our treasure and our power.

In the spring of 2007, the Journal investigated and reported upon, link, a scandal in the leadership of APS publicly funded private police force.  The scandal included allegations of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

The findings of every single investigation of allegations of public corruption, incompetence, and felony criminal misconduct now lie in the hands of Winston Brooks and the board.  Not one word from of any of them has been made public.  They are spending operational dollars, dollars that would otherwise be spend in schools, to keep the records redacted in their entirety forever. 

They are covering up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct.

The Journal steadfastly refuses to investigate and report on the cover up; if only to report that there isn't one.

The Journal has covered my current litigation against Esquivel, Brooks, Armenta and Tellez on two occasions.  On neither occasion was I afforded the simple courtesy and journalistic basic obligation of a personal contact; an opportunity to tell my side of the story to balance the coverage.

The Journal repeatedly prints Marty Esquivel's allegations against me and repeatedly fails to provide me any opportunity to refute, rebut or deny his unfounded allegations.  Even through several school board elections.

There is a digital record of every meeting that Esquivel alleges I disrupted. 

If there is a digital record; incontrovertible proof that I disrupted a meeting, why can't he produce it?  If I have been "hovering over administrators for years, why can't he produce even one photograph of me so doing?

Why doesn't the Journal insist that he produce evidence?  Would you publish an allegation against Esquivel without asking for proof?  Why is Journal coverage so apparently lopsided?

It is because Journal coverage is lopsided.  On its face.

cc link, to the editors upon posting
receipt was acknowledged