Thursday, July 02, 2015

Will Walz cover for Winter in yet another election?

Former APS interim Supt Brad Winter is running for re-election to city council.  This despite the fact that he played a pivotal role in the cover up of state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

The proof of the allegation is the abject lack of any evidence to the contrary.  Accountability creates a record;  a cover up does not.

No one has ever denied that the activity reported in the Journal in February 2007, link, constituted felony criminal misconduct.  You can't take cash from evidence and spend it as your own without committing a felony under state law, and you can't do NCIC criminal background checks to harass whistleblowers and vet deputy superintendent's girl friends without committing a felony under federal law.

None of the felonies, not one, were ever investigated by any bonafide agency of law enforcement, ever.  The leadership of the APS simply decided to handle it all "in house".

New flash for the leadership of the APS; you don't have the authority to make the decision whether to prosecute felonies; that decision lies with the DA; who never saw a shred of evidence.

The criminal misconduct was covered up.  It is still being covered up.  To this day, operational dollars are being spent underwriting a bunch of legal weaselry in order to keep ethically redacted public records from being made public.

Winter knowingly permitted or
negligently allowed corruption in the
leadership of the APS police.  Here
seen with Steve Tellez who oversaw
the investigation of corruption and
incompetence of which he was part.
All Brad Winter has to do to prove he didn't orchestrate a cover up of felony criminal misconduct is to demonstrate that he ever did anything at all to bring the allegations of felony criminal misconduct to any agency of law enforcement.

There is no such thing as an investigation done by bonafide law enforcement that does not produce a single record.

That there is no evidence of any criminal investigation is evidence of a cover up.   Legitimate investigations by bonafide agencies produce records.  The crimes were either investigated or they were not.  If they were not; that is a cover up.  If they were, where is the record of the investigation?

Winter's cover up has been enabled by the Journal and Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

Through many school board, mill levy and bond issue elections; Walz has dutifully declined to investigate and report on the cover up and the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS, of which the cover up is just one part. 

All Kent Walz has to do to prove he isn't part of the cover up is to investigate and report on the outcome of the story the Journal first broke.

He's in a bind.  Walz can't report credibly on the cover up without first reporting credibly on his failure to report on the cover up heretofore.

And he would look like a real ass for giving form APS Supt. Winston Brooks a hero of transparency award in spite of Brooks' part in the cover up of felony criminal misconduct.

A contrary truth would be completely exonerating.  Walz can't point to it because it doesn't exist.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Persistent Journal editorial ignorance

Journal editors come this morning, link, with a reminder that middle schools need attention.  Elementary schools are in the spotlight over reading; high schools are lit by concern over graduation rates, but middle schools are falling through the cracks (in Journal coverage too).

In their post, the editors wrote of "disciplinary problems including truancy".  With respect to "discipline problems"; truancy is the least of them.  Truancy's impact is on the truant.  The impact of out of control students and chronically disruptive students impact everybody.

The editors relentlessly refuse to deal with the truth about student discipline and chronically disruptive students in APS schools.  Their record does not a include a single report on discipline in general in APS classrooms, hallways and campuses.

APS chooses to not report on student discipline.  APS does not gather, compile, nor publish data on student discipline;

  • because the data is upsetting and
  • because the data reflects an administrative failure*; teachers are supposed to be teaching not dealing with chronically disruptive students.
*If the board and their supt. could somehow blame teachers for the discipline problems in schools, they would in a heartbeat.   They have to hide the problem because its their problem; the failure to maintain discipline in schools is theirs; an administrative and executive failure.
Stake and interest holders depend on the press and their sacred obligation to inform the democracy.

The people's trust in the leadership of the APS and in the media has been betrayed, not only by the leadership of the APS in hiding the truth about discipline in schools, but also by the so called press; the Journal, and NMBA affiliates KRQE, KOAT, and KOB TV.

Not one of them can point to any investigation and report the did ever, on student discipline in particular, or to standards and accountability in general, in the APS.

It is fair to hold Journal editors more accountable than anyone.  No one is more invested in covering up an ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS than Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz.

Walz went so far to rub it in, as to bamboozle the NM FOG to giving their coveted Dixon Award for transparency to APS Supt. Winston Brooks while he, and they, were hiding public records including evidence of involvement by senior APS administrators in state and federal felony criminal misconduct.

Enough is enough already.

photo Mark Bralley

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The first responsible use of power ...

... is to protect that power from abuse.

Nothing is more important than protecting the people's power and resources from abuse.  Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

APS image
Monday last, upon becoming the superintendent of the Albuquerque Public Schools officially, Luis Valentino was given control over an enormous amount of power.

Socrates would have us believe Valentino will be corrupted by that power, absolutely.

Abraham Lincoln suggested; 
if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

But not just power.  If you want to test a man's character you have to give him power and temptation; the opportunity to abuse the power without consequence.  It is temptation, not power, that tests our character.

The circumstances in which Dr. Valentino finds himself include opportunities to abuse power without consequence.  Luis Valentino's character is under assault; not "in question" - under assault. There's temptation everywhere he looks.

There is only one way out.  There is only one way to escape temptation and that is to eliminate it.
1.  Establish standards; clear, unequivocal and high enough to protect the public interests, and then

2.  Establish swift and certain enough accountability, that escaping consequences for failing to meet those standards, is regarded as a practical impossibility.
Dr Valentino needs to act decisively and rather immediately, or he will appear to intend to do nothing at all. 

The longer there are insufficient standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS, the more likely it will appear that Valentino's ultimate intention is to not make waves.  His character really will come "in question".

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"When plunder becomes a way of life ..."

My attention has been drawn to a years ago post and the following;

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it"
Frederic Bastiat - The Law
Then, as now.

Should APS spend taxdollars on legal weaselry? Should any politician or public servant?

Legal weaselry; Juris Mustelidae;

escaping liability for criminal and civil misconduct, 
by exploiting  loopholes and technicalities,
to get the better of justice.
APS school board members and senior administrators routinely use operational funds* to underwrite their legal defenses.
*dollars that should be, could be and would be spent in classrooms were they not being spent without limit and without oversight in litigation against the public interests. 
It would be fairer to say, they routinely use operational funds to buy admissions of no guilt, in order that politicians and powerful public servants who break the law, never, ever have to admit that they did anything wrong.

Don't believe it?  Search for a public record describing any limit on spending in defense of one school board member's ego.  Search for a public record of oversight,  Neither exist in any public record. There isn't any limit; there isn't any oversight, link.

It represents a failure of character and of courage; if you ask me.  And I can't for the life of me, understand why we put up with it; in APS, or from any politician or any public servant.

Why are we letting them spend our money to escape the consequences of squandering our trust and treasure?  It is irrational.

Journal uses D word - oh my!

In the Journal this morning, link, a report on a Legislative Finance Committee report suggesting that middle schools have slipped through the cracks; receiving little attention compared to emphasis placed on elementary school reading and high school graduation issues.

The reporter doesn't work for the Journal; the story came from the AP.  That explains how the d word must have slipped through;

... disciplinary problems tend to increase during the middle school years.
Were the Journal honest, they would investigate and report upon discipline in public schools; historically, contemporaneously and in future.

They, Editor in Chief Kent Walz et al,
have instead, been covering up problems for years; steadfastly refusing to report that APS doesn't even gather data on discipline issues; preferring to pretend they don't exist while addressing them.

Hiding a problem while trying to mitigate or eliminate it, makes the solution exponentially more difficult to find - if not impossible.

Trying to hide problems while solving them is central to APS' lack of success in problem solving in general.  Ask anyone who knows.

photo Mark Bralley

Friday, June 26, 2015

APS Stealth Supt?

aps image
If you search the Journal for APS Supt. Luis Valentino, link, you will find; About 33 results in (0.27 seconds).

Not one of them has to do with the fact that he is now the superintendent of the Albuquerque Public Schools, the future of nearly 90,000 of this community's sons and daughters and fully a fifth of the entire state budget.

Why is that not newsworthy?  At least as newsworthy as the smashing of a number of ridiculously expensive windows at three schools, link.  The change in the hands on the tiller was not reported by KRQE, or KOB TV.  KOAT posted pre-coverage, link.

Their lack of coverage strikes me as inexplicable,
not that any of them will ever have to.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Any response except yes, means no, Dr Valentino

If the question is;

are you ready, willing and able to bear the mantle of senior- most administrative role model of student standards of conduct?
any answer except yes, means no.
No answer at all, means no.
Stonewalling, means no.

Role model;
a person looked to by others 
as an example to be imitated.
In the case of APS Supt. Luis Valentino;
a person looked to by students
as an example to be imitated.
APS image
If Luis Valentino intends to continue to expect students to "model and promote" honest accountability to a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct, he is inescapably obligated to show them what that looks like.

If he says nothing; if he does nothing, indicating that he intends to step up as a role model of honest accountability to the standards of conduct he and they establish and enforce upon students, his answer is no;
he does not intend to step up as the senior-most administrative role model of student standards of conduct.

Inconspicuous role modeling is oxymoronic; there is no such thing.  Some where, some time, some place, you have to stand up, draw attention to yourself, and model the behavior you hope to encourage.

Every generation expects the next generation to be the first generation to hold themselves honestly accountable to meaningful standards of conduct.

Every generation tells the next generation about a young man, a new hatchet and a cherry tree, in the hope that the story will inspire them to embrace higher standards of conduct.  It is nonsense on its face and everybody knows it.  It just that we would rather offer them fiction than our own personal example.  We would just rather not be held actually, honestly accountable to higher standards of conduct than the law.

My every effort to find out if Luis Valentino has the character and the courage to deal ethically and honorably with the double standards of conduct in the APS have been stymied by "protocol".  Unless I want to spring out of a bush somewhere else,  "Protocol" prevents me from asking Luis Valentino, what are his intentions?

Until he answers the question, his own individual position on the role modeling of honest accountability as a role model will remain indistinguishable from those who will not hold themselves honestly accountable to higher standards of conduct, simply because they cannot summon the character and the courage it takes to so do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Valentino expects all to "give their best" and it's small consolation

APS Supt. Luis Valentino penned and posted greetings recently on APS' award winning website, link.  Among them he writes;

We will strive to share clear expectations – the first being that giving your best is the expectation for all.
a manifestly "unclear" expectation on its face.

Many will assume that Valentino expects that all will do their best for students.  But that isn't what he said.

Consider APS Chief of Police Steve Gallegos.  He is doing his best; and his best is good enough.  He is doing his best to cover up a cover up of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

After years of lying about a police force self-investigation, the district finally admitted; oh yeah, I guess we did self-investigate a few state and federal felonies.

Steve Gallegos did that investigation.  He did his best.  And now, his findings; public records all, have gone missing.  He doesn't have a single scrap of paper that might have on it, the names of senior APS administrators who were part of felony criminal misconduct.

He gave them all to the the guy he investigated* Steve Tellez.
*The corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS police force could not have gone unnoticed by the deputy chief.  Steve Tellez could not have not known.  Unless he so mind-numbingly incompetent to notice he was swirling in a cesspool,  he knew.

Any honest investigation would have pointed to Tellez.  But since he had been in the meantime promoted to chief, it wouldn't look too good for Beth Everitt or Winston Brooks to see Tellez held accountable for his incompetence and or corruption.

Knew or should have known
So Steve Gallegos did his best;
he turned over to Tellez,
everything that might implicate
him in felony public corruption
and incompetence;
all of his findings.

Later, Gallegos would find himself
promoted to deputy chief, where he
would suffer a vote of no confidence
from the rank and file, and then,findings still missing, be promoted to chief.

Asked for the public records of his supposed contact with the DA's office at the time; evidence that the crimes were not being covered up, Gallegos claims it all happened over the phone.

Gallegos is still doing his best; still chief of a publicly funded private police force. Not a police department; a police force;
  • accountable to no one,
  • certificated by no one,
  • certified by no one;
taking orders directly from, and only from, the leadership of the APS.

They get away with it all because the establishment's media is doing their best as well.

Journal Editor in Chief Kent Walz could have had the same reporter who exposed the scandal in 2007, link to investigate and report on the cover up.  But not without exposing his complacency or complicity in the cover up.

Colleen Heild still investigates and reports for the Journal.

Walz hasn't assigned her to uncover the cover up.

He won't.

He's doing his best; but not for students.

And don't think that goes unappreciated by the corrupt, the incompetent, and those who want to cover it all up, in the leadership of the APS.

photos, save Gallegos, Mark Bralley