Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NM Attorney General Gary King, step up, or step down.

You Sir, know better than I, your "lawful" obligations.

I will suggest to you an ethical and moral obligation as well.

APS Modrall
is using legal technicalities, legal loop holes, and
legal weaselry, to defeat the intent and the spirit of your
Inspection of Public Records Act.

There is a long standing pattern of willful abuse by
APS Modrall,
not just of the IPRA,
but of civil and criminal statutes in general.

Why is it incumbent upon me, an individual,
to some how amass,

over the vigorous resistance of APS Modrall,

"proof" of blatantly obvious crime?

Why do I have to prevail against an organization of the size,
and the political power, and the virtually unlimited
financial resources of APS Modrall?

I suggest to you that you have a moral, and an ethical,
and perhaps even a legal obligation,
to take a long hard look at APS Modrall

and either begin civil and criminal prosecutions,


assure the citizens of the State of New Mexico
that the public servants in the leadership of the APS
have meaningful standards of conduct and competence
for their public service;

and are honestly accountable to those standards.

There is probable cause enough, to begin an immediate
forensic administrative accountability audit of
the public interests in the Albuquerque Public Schools.

And even if that audit is must be done against the will
of the leadership of the APS and Modrall.

APS stakeholders need an Attorney General who will
defend their interests in the APS.

You must either step up to that need, Sir,
or stand down in favor of an Attorney General who will.

Respectfully submitted at this time, to the NMAGO
and to the record.

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