Wednesday, February 20, 2008

APS Board Meetings are Held at a Time and in a Place

inconvenient to almost every single APS stakeholder
except board members and administrators who simply
take a ride in the elevator from one floor to another
in the Uptown Administrative Complex.

The decision to limit stakeholder participation is deliberate.

  • Board meetings used to be conducted in the evenings, closer to middle of town, and they often met at individual school sites all over town.
  • Board meetings used to be recorded and broadcast to the community. If there is any rebroadcast at all, it is now of a dishonestly edited version designed to mislead stakeholders.

Paula Maes does not want
to see stakeholders at meetings.

If enough people show up at a meeting;

Marty Esquivel will stand up again and demand
the accountability audit that will end once and for all,
corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

If more show up, Gordon Rowe will find the courage
to stand up with him.

More still, Mary Lee Martin will find the courage.

More still,
a lot more unfortunately,

Maybe Delores Griego will find the courage to stand up
for the interests of her constituents.

At that point, it would make no difference
what Paula Maes/ Modrall wants;

or Berna Facio,

or Robert Lucero.


Anonymous said...

I forgot,

Is it Robet Lucero and Berna Facio or Gorden Rowe who are on the
'selection committee?"
I find it extremely interesting that not one peep has been made in the media about an outsider candidate. Here we go again!

ched macquigg said...

I am going to guess Gordy Rowe is on the committee.

In fairness, the identities of the outsiders is still secret, even from the media. supposedly

One would have to wonder who released the names of the "insider" candidates to the Journal and Trib even though their identities are supposed to be secret as well.