Sunday, February 10, 2008

DA Brandenburg Now Tied to APD Corruption

There are letters to the editor, which are carefully edited
for effect;

and then there are letters to the blogs, which are not.

(This depends of course on the blog owner. But I think it is fair to say
that if readers are able to discern between the wheat and the chaff,
they are considerably more likely to find,
in blog comments,
the whole truth about public corruption and incompetence,
than they are to find it, in the Journal or the Trib.)

And among those comments, more allegations that
Kari Brandenburg is corrupt. link

Is she corrupt, or is she not?
Personally, I think she is.

But so what? So what if she is corrupt and/or incompetent?

What will be done about it?

Do you really think that she is honestly accountable to
the political system that she and the other good ole boys
own lock, stock, and barrel? wiki link

This situation is exactly analogous to playground bullying:

  • the bully has his way with the victim,
  • the victim protests,
  • and the bully says,
"So what are you going to do about it?"

Kari Brandenburg is a public servant.
She has been accused of corruption.
Over and over again.

How is it that she is obligated to discuss cookie recipes
on the taxpayer's dime, link

but she is not obligated to explain, defend,
or even acknowledge credible allegations of her mis, mal,
and non-feasance as a public servant?

How does Darren White escape his obligation
to address the allegations made against him?

And Mayor Martin Chavez

Chief of Police Ray Schultz

APS School Board President Paula Maes

and her Modrall Law Firm?

Beth Everitt and Linda Sink?

Is it really up to the little guy
to police powerful public servants?

Are we supposed to hire millions of dollars worth
of shyster lawyers (wiki link) of our own,

and try to litigate all of public service into accountability?

How much would Modrall charge taxpayers, do you suppose,
to litigate in their interests instead of Paula Maes'?

Who stands between the little guys and good ole boys?

... and their cronies

Thomas Lang, Kent Walz, Phill Casaus,
Michelle Donaldson, Thomas Pearl, and
Sue Stephens

in the "news".

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