Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Mary Lynn Roper the Kind of Person

who would betray the trust of Channel 7 viewers
in order to cover the ass of Paula Maes,
the President of the NM Broadcasters Association?

(and of a bunch of other little good ol' boys clubs.)

Like for instance;

the Character Counts Leadership Council

a group of community leaders who names are kept
secret; who have applied for tens of thousands of
dollars worth of federal grants, through the assistance
of United States Senator Pete Domenici.
Is any part of that federal grant being used to pay the salary
or any other remuneration or compensation to Carole Smith?

The APS Administrator who's primary responsibilities seem
to be to continue cover up the APS Character Counts Gate link
which includes continuing to hide the identities of members
of the APS Character Counts Leadership Council.

Somebody in that group needs to look up "leadership".

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