Friday, February 22, 2008

APS School Board President Paula Maes Must Step Up, or Step Down

The 90,000 of our sons and daughter in the APS deserve
role models. They need role models.

If the senior most public servant in the APS is not willing
step up to the obligations of the senior most role model

then she should
step down as a public servant.

The same argument applies to the next
APS Superintendent, Linda Sink.

Maes' Presidency of the Character Counts Leadership Council,
a secret group of community "leaders" formed apparently for
the purpose of getting grant money through
Senator Pete Domenici;

coupled with

her personal refusal to be held accountable
the student standard of conduct;
even for the measly few hours a day
she serves the public;

doesn't cut it as
the sum and substance of her sacrifice
as a the
senior most role model in the APS
the student standard of conduct.

Ms. Maes, Ms. Sink,

step up,
... or step down.

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