Friday, February 22, 2008

The NMAGO Gives APS/Modrall Until March 6th

to explain why they will not surrender APS/Modrall
records to public knowledge.

APS/Modrall has taken tax dollars and paid plaintiffs
not to file criminal charges
against senior APS Administrators and Board Members;

not to settle a civil claim,
but to buy immunity from felony criminal prosecution.

That is why APS/Modrall is hiding their record,
and why it takes the Attorney General's Office to get
APS/Modrall to simply obey the law.

Assuming of course that the NMAGO can make APS/Modrall
obey the law.

1 comment:

Joseph Lopez said...

You have them on the ropes, nice one!

Mr. Balderas is still looking at the fruits of your allegaters as well, right? I have not heard anything but the initial email saturday, but I am hoping this upcoming week someone will contact me.