Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Public Record of a Request for Public Records

To: Custodian of Public Records,
Albuquerque Public Schools

From: Charles MacQuigg,
(phone number)

This constitutes a request for public records.

I require the opportunity to inspect and or copy
every public record stemming from my ejection
from the board meeting at approximately
5:15 pm Wednesday, February 20.

Including but not limited to;

  • any recordings made on official APS equipment assigned to the board meeting
  • any recordings made by any APS employee that would be subject to the public records act
  • any belt recorder tapes or similar devices worn by the the Chief of the APS Police and his deputy.
  • any record of orders given to the chief of police to order me from the meeting
  • any record of any rule, regulation or policy that I am alleged to have violated at the board meeting.
  • any record of correspondence to the chief by other administrators or board members that are subject to the Act.

    It seems reasonable to expect that as
    the Custodian of Public Records
    and as a public servant,
    you would extend the simple courtesy
    of acknowledging that you have received this request.

    ched macquigg

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