Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have you ever filed a grievance/complaint of any kind against an employer?

This is the last of six background questions that must be answered by candidates for APS Superintendent.

Not, has an employer filed a complaint against you,
but rather
have you filed a complaint against your employer?

Which begs at least one question;

Why does the leadership of the APS care
whether or not a candidate has a history that includes
filing formal complaints against their employer?

Does filing a complaint; being willing to "go public"
with the truth, automatically disqualify a candidate?

The good ol' boys don't like it
when you take their business outside the club.

They like to handle complaints internally, and privately.

Is it a manifestation of the culture of APS leadership
still maintains, enables and condones
a culture of retaliation and retribution
against those who file complaints
against administrators or board members?

It is;
at least according to a recent audit by
the Council of the Great City Schools.

The questions they really need to ask candidates,
and in all likelihood they are asking candidates in secret, are;

1. Will you reject the Pillars of Character Counts as your
personal standard of conduct and competence?, and

2. Can you avoid a public discussion of APS role modeling;
while excepting yourself, and the rest of the APS leadership
from any sort of honest accountability as role models?, and

3. Will you protect from identification and consequences;
all other administrators and board members who have
abandoned the Pillars of Character Counts as their standard
of conduct and competence?, and

4. Can you be trusted to avoid an administrative accountability audit without raising public attention to the issue? and

5. Will you hide the truth about the record of APS/Modrall? and

6. Can you,with the aid and abet of a corrupt local media,
do all of this in secret from stakeholders?

Candidates who have previously "gone public" with complaints,
and candidates who answer no to any of the questions,
will be removed from further consideration,

... in secret, of course.

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