Monday, February 11, 2008

APS Set to Axe Elective Classes for Unsuccessful Students

It would take several posts to list and discuss the many advantages of elective classes.

I won't take the time, because those who support electives don't need to read it; and those who don't support electives will not be moved by it.

In any event, the leadership of the APS, (unidentified in report in the Journal link) has apparently decided that students who are unsuccessful in reading and math, will be compelled to take additional math and reading classes instead of their electives.

Crazy, has been occasionally defined as;
doing the same thing over and over and in the same way
and then expecting a different result.

This new plan is crazy.

And I hope that someone pays attention and
involves stakeholders meaningfully in a decision
that directly affects their interests,
before it's too late.


Joseph Lopez said...
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Anonymous said...

Many teachers at Manzano High are thouroughly confused then.
About 2 weeks ago, Tim Whalen announced at a faculty meeting that these Math and Language arts classes WOULD NOY take place of electives ("That is a misconception" he said). He stated theat the remedial MAth and English would take the place of those core classes because, as he explained it, "It's useless to put them in a class they are failing at the same time they are in remediation".
What is the truth then? Are electives getting the ax, or are the kids going to go from 4 years in high school to possibly 8 as they alternate between core remedial Math and Reading?
Tim has usually been in "the know" on these