Wednesday, February 28, 2018

... no one more culpable than is David Peercy

Twenty five years ago, the APS School Board passed a resolution that created new standards of conduct for students; higher standards.  They unanimously establish the Pillars of Character Counts!; a nationally accepted recognized and respected code of ethical conduct, as the standards of conduct to which students were to hold themselves accountable; honestly, actually accountable.

The resolution included the promise of adult role models who would show students what holding oneself accountable to higher standards of conduct than the law.

They had language in the own code of conduct that read;

In no case, shall the standards of conduct for an adult
be lower than the standards of conduct for students.
The board has since voted unanimously, to remove that clause and that expectation from their standards of conduct.  Thought they have neither amended nor rescinded resolution, they are ignoring virtually every promise they made in the resolution.

The board has be asked to place the 1994 Character Counts! Resolution on the table in a public meeting and then either reaffirm, amend or rescind it.

Apparently they will not.
There will be no open and honest
public discussion of ethics,
standards and accountability
while Peercy is in charge.

And there in no one more culpable for their relentless refusal to be candid, forthright and honest with stake and interest holders about ethics, standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS than APS School Board President David Peercy.

photo Mark Bralley

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The "hardest" target in the entire APS school system

The APS is full of soft targets; places where there are a lot of students who are vulnerable to attack from outside their schools.

The hardest target in the entire APS, in terms of security cameras per square foot, armed guards and bullet proof Kevlar armored furniture to hide behind, hands down, is the administrative complex at 6400 Upyours Blvd.*

*Willing to bow as always, to controverting evidence.

Begging at least one question;
if the people whose money was spent renovating spaces for senior administrators and school board members,
would have rather it had been spent instead on protecting the nearly 90,000 of this community's sons and daughters who attend APS schools?

photo Mark Bralley

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Schiff supporters are this discussion's flat earthers

Because our only real defense against public corruption and incompetence is "trust", it behooves us to consider who we will trust.  If the people are to pick a side in this discussion, among the first things they must do is decide who to trust; whose word to take.

There are dueling champions in discussion of possible violations of the FISA act; Rep Adam Schiff and Rep Trey Gowdy. 

I submit as an indication of Trey Gowdy's credibility, an interview he did with Marsha MacCallum on fox, link.  I submit as an indication of Adam Schiff's credibility, an interview he did on CBS, link

Trey Gowdy's credibility resonates with me.
Adam Schiff deliberately misled stake and interest holders about the content of and the effect of the release of the memo.

I cannot imagine a productive discussion with anyone who thinks or believes that Adam Schiff is as, or more credible than Trey Gowdy, any more than I can imagine a productive discussion of plate tectonics with somebody who still believes the earth is flat.