Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can It Really Be? There is Not One Single APS Administrator From the Educational Interface to the Superintendent's Office

who has the character and the courage,

to role model character and courage,

before 89,000 students in the Albuquerque Public Schools?

If we really want our children to grow to embrace character
and courage and honor,

someone has to show them what it looks like.

Is there really not a single administrator or board member
in the entire APS, who will hold themselves honestly
accountable to the student standard of conduct,

for the few hours a day that they are public servants,

and role models?


Joseph Lopez said...

OK, it is going to sound like I am tooting my own horn here, but it is the truth.

Anyone who stands up and points out the system is not educating our kids right, that the millions of dollars for education is being used to line the pocklets of the corrupt, is fired.

That is why no one in APS who is honorable or just too stupid not to see that the law in only the law when the rich and corrupt SAY it is,gets to stay there and work the problem.

Oh, sure, you can bust kids for fighting, arrest people for stealing computers, stop fights, and that is all very valuable. But no one listens to their own Internal Auditor, Mr. Kimbrell, or thier own Risk Manager, Mr. Dorn when it comes to how the APS education money should be spent.

Mr. Kimbrell suggested in 2004 that APS hire its own in-house lawyers to defray costs, but was OVERRULED by Modrall! The very lawyer firm that was identified by Internal Ausit as too expensive said they had to keep being the APS lawyers. Mike tried, and keeps on hitting other issues that saves APS millions a year, but this in one that he can't get done, even though the is the Internal Audit Director!

I can't TELl you how many time Jim has valiantly fought against graft and corruption, only to be told to go back to making sure kids don't slip, trip or fall. The District Risk Manager has no influence in that rarified realm, so he does what he can.

Jim and Mike could quit, but then we would not have good men trying to do good where they can in APS.

You are right, Ched, APS/Modrall/Media are powerful rich bastards who will not give up their positions of illegal power easily. They will hire thugs to harass and attack you. I'm in for the long haul, so are others I know within APS, lets just keep hitting them with every civilised, non-violent mode of argument and enlightenment we have, making sure we don't get falsely arrested or killed to keep our knowledge secret in the process, ok?

Anonymous said...

And I submit to the public these hypothesis (plural): 1) Paula will never leave being the president of the school board and the president of the Communications Media because she makes too much damn money doing her "community duty" ans 2) IF she wasn't so thouroughly connected to Modrall, she never would have been the School Board President, and Media President.
She can call her service "working for the children w/o getting a paycheck" all she wants. She can also say "Jiff is not Peanut Butter", that's her right in a free-speach country.
Still, we're not all ignorant. Call it what you like all you NM "civil servants" posing as wonderful enlightened persons.
In the end.... Jiff is still peanut butter (and everyone knows it) and PAula makes a big buck for problemes she may,or may not, create.
--Instructor #29